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Mahnoor Chaudhry

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My first poem:
At a very young age, my journey of writing began. I remember the first time I wrote when I was an intermediate student. It was a piece of poetry that I showed to my mother. My mother gave me a pretty warm response. She shared my poem with the other family members to show them my creativity. Even though it was not a perfect piece of poetry nor, it sounded professional. However, it was written very nicely and creatively. I realise that the process of creative thinking, writing, exploring new words made me happy.

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Part of reading in my journey:
Along with writing, I am also obsessed with reading books. My personal perception about reading a book or writing something is; they are two parts of the same body. I don’t know about other’s point of view, but reading and writing are incomplete without each other according to me. After my graduation, I got into a medical university. I visited the university along with my friends. We reached the library and, my eyes sparkled when I saw the immense library. I started spending most of my time in the library. I read every type of book, whether it was a novel, poetry, history, etc.

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However, I didn’t write anything during my graduation except noting down poetry, quotes, and my personal diary. It was inspiring to me, the way authors put their imagination, experience, feelings, reviews, and emotions into words on paper. I didn’t find anything soothing other than spending time with books. My mind was growing up with good knowledge and experiences of writers. I was very used to reading the ‘’about’’ section of the book.

Intermission of my passion:

My graduation reached its last moment with me still spending time with books and writing little notes in my diary. I didn’t realise how five years of my medical studies passed.
Intermission of my life toward writing began mostly after my graduation. I appeared on the market as a professional.

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Roles of my sensitive mind:
I explored more. I was very sensitive and an overthinker as well. I was noticing everything happening in my surroundings. I was observing people, their behaviours, the way they talk, their morals, and everything. Every evil and immoral activity in society was having an impact on my mind. It was making me feel awful and disappointed about many negative people. For writing, buried ash inside my heart caught a flame. So, I decided to write something to address to people. I chose a topic of morality to write on.

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A feel of joy:
My first professional piece of writing was that article. I wrote an article on morality in the Urdu language. I realised that writing was making me happy in the same way reading does.
I feel I am also writing my opinions, feelings, and thoughts like the writers, who were inspiring me for a long time. My article was published in a local newspaper. Unexpectedly, I got huge appreciation and positive feedback. It’s become a chain. Writing on different topics, one another after. Then, I moved towards ghostwriting on various freelancing marketplaces. A journey of writing begins and continues…

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My passion is my happiness:

My writing interest turned into a passion. Now, it is my passion and relaxation therapy. I have always enjoyed writing. Either I am writing something for me, or for other people.
I am passionate about writing because it pleases me and keeps my mind productive. It allows me to think critically and creatively to put my words on paper. Writing is a communication tool for me. I share my thoughts with my readers that I can not verbalise. My passion allows me to make sense of the thinking in my brain, to reflect the parts of myself into something tangible. My motive for writing grows as I grow older. I have grown with strong bondings with writing because I can shape my feelings, thoughts, and experiences into words. I can express more authentically than I might in conversation. I feel that writing is a soothing exercise that helps me to make sense of the world by exploring my own written ones. Without writing, I would be a shell of myself and unable to achieve the inner peace I crave.

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People can participate in my happiness by appreciating:
I think that people should appreciate another person’s passion because it will bring happiness to the person. Appreciation makes the process smoother for a person who is trying to satisfy the craving for his/her passion. Similarly, If somebody will appreciate my writing, it will boost my goal to become a next-level writer. It should also be acknowledged, because authorship allows me to heal myself and others through humour, storytelling, creating exciting content, providing up-to-date articles, and providing them productive readings.

Writing is a Journey, Journey of happiness

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