What is the Importance of Self Love?

Mahnoor Chaudhry

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Many people ignore the importance of self-love because they don’t have an idea of how important it is. For them, self-love might be a superfluous theory. Some people might limit self-love to reading self-help books. It is important to understand that what exactly self-love is and how it works to keep your mind and body healthy. Who doesn’t want to be healthy physically or mentally? All people on this planet strive to keep their mental health good. We all want to be fit physically as well. We visit doctors, psychiatrists and therapists to improve our well-being. What if I told you, you can be healthy physically and mentally by practicing self-love?

Unfortunately, our society is framed in such a way that we are tied up to compete against each other, or even ourselves. We always try to satisfy society. We are bound in a useless competition. Competition to prove ourselves better than others. For this purpose, we work robotically to achieve our goals, status and social interactions. We bound ourselves to follow society’s norms. In this societal play, we forget our individual identity. We do not realise that for us we should be more important than society.

Here are some benefits of self-love that will help you to understand its importance and I hope you will consider self-love worth choosing than society's norms:

#1. You will be out of competition:

When you will realise that competition of being perfect is only societal pressure on you. If you will keep society less important you will be able to find the fact that you can be happy without being perfect as well. It’s a society that wants you to be perfect. Unfortunately, society doesn’t have an exact definition of perfection as well. Because whatever you’ll do, there will always be a lack in you according to people. And this unknown, fictional competition will end up with anxiety and depression. Then why don’t you consider being you? When you will realise that society is not important than your own happiness and satisfaction, you will pull yourself out from the race.

2. You will grow better:

Instead of wasting time in pleasing people and seeking approval from them, when you'll work on your happiness, you will grow better. You will be more self-oriented. You will make a decision only what you exactly want. In your decision-making, there will not be participation of any pressure.

3. Better physical and mental health:

Self-love includes taking care of your physical and mental health. If you are a person who knows the importance of self-love, you will prefer to take care of your body. You will respect your body's needs by not working robotically. Physical and mental health are interlinked. When your physical health will be better — Mental health will be good automatically.

4. More confident:

You will be more confident in every aspect of your life. You will know that you are following your heart. You will know that only you are a person who can care for yourself and who can make a good decision for you. You will be more confident in decision-making without considering external factors.

5. You will live a peaceful life:

When you will realise that your happiness and peace are more important for you than society. You'll be able to follow your inner voice. Thus, doing things that makes you happy will bring peace to your life. Self-love never taught a person to be selfish. It's a person to respect and take care of herself/himself. As an individual, every person has the right to live according to her/his will but without harming others.

Final thought:

Self-love is not only important, but it is compulsory. Through the learning of self-love, remember to keep the difference between being selfish. Self-love is about caring, loving, and respecting yourself, creating your boundaries, doing your favourite things, and taking care of your happiness without hurting others.

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