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Mahnoor Chaudhry
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Reading Books:

I love to read books. I enjoy reading books, magazines, newspapers and reading online. Nowadays, I am following some writers on medium and enjoying reading their content. As the area of the internet makes progress, it brings many new ways to explore. Internet provides a variety of reading content with just one click away. These days medium is my library. From which I pick my favourite niche, writer, and publication to read. However, this is not the only thing. I have an enormous collection of books in hard form as well. Reading is the most joyful, pleasing, and productive habit. Reading books makes not only my time productive, yet it also nourishes my mind with a healthy amount of knowledge that plays a role in making me think more wisely.
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I learn a lot from books. A famous quote: ‘’ books are your good friends’’ was printed on my mind since childhood. Now, I realise books are indeed good friends. Even I read cereal boxes, descriptions, and ingredients of my chips packs as well.

I feel I can explore the world through books, magazines, newspapers. You cannot visit the world in a day but you can do it by reading travel articles, blog posts. You cannot be familiar with everything happening in the world except reading newspapers.


I will not say that writing is my hobby. You can say it is my profession, choice, meditation therapy, or whatever. Simply, it is the key to happiness and inner satisfaction. Writing is a communication medium. I can write about my feeling, views, and everything. I can talk about my likes, dislikes and about anything.
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On Medium, Vocal, and NewsBreak,I am writing under my name. On other Freelancing marketplaces, I (ghostwrite) write for other people. However, I enjoy working on both platforms. Because at the end I am writing and doing creative mind job. I also write sometimes when I feel down. Writing soothes me in many ways.


Playing with colours is a pleasure. Making a stroke on canvas leads me to a fairy tale. Making painting brings me happiness and satisfaction as well (along with writing). In the last few days, I was craving to write. The same thing is with my art passion. Sometimes, I just want to make some paintings. Abstract, doodles, or whatever.

I just pick my colour and brushes… and start playing with them. Mixing colours… stroking… creating something new makes me happy.
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Whenever I paint, I get lost in the moment. I remember, 2 months ago, I was obsessed with the artwork. I was spending my whole day in my room making new paintings. I was becoming mad enough for art that I forgot to take care of myself. I was not taking my meal on time or my sleep. It sounds weird… but yes, it’s happened.

I don’t know why, yet I can’t stop these habits. Sometimes, giving time to writing and painting became difficult because these things are totally opposite to my profession. Yet, I don’t leave these jobs.

As well as I feel myself lucky sometimes for having these interests. Because it makes me productive and directional. As well as it protects me from developing many bad habits. This is much better to spend my time on paintings or writing instead of wasting it on some bad activities.


Photography is another best thing I enjoy the most. I love to capture the moments. I can do photography for many hours without getting bored. I was not aware of my skills and interest in photography till it was not recognised by my senior. I have stayed with my fellows for group study in university. We were busy with gossips instead of studying when my senior appear and show us some of her clicks to make sure which one is the best.

My fellows don’t put any interest in her. I take part to help her out by selecting the click that she was going to submit to a competition. We discuss the angles, best ways to shoot, clicking with a cell phone instead of a DSLR. During this session, I show her some of my pictures as well. She told me I can make a good record in photography if I’ll pay attention to it. She appreciates and motivates me to work on my photography skills to boost them.
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After someday, my senior fellow came to invite me to join a ‘’photo summit for her’’ competition. I denied it because I was not prepared. She encourages me to take part in any way. She asks me to do so only to explore and learn. She motivates me by saying ‘’to win’’ is not important. Important is to take part. My other fellows also insist me to take part. Finally, I said ‘’yes’’ and fill the form. I was so confused on the day of the competition. However, I do my best. I was not a winner yet I put judges in the difficulty when they were deciding to select the winners. First… second… third position.
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There was a ‘’tie’’ between me and the runner-up. Unfortunately, judges were asked to select only one. Because two positions were not allotted by the university. Judges give the position to my other fellow by the difference of 0.05 points. Judges appreciate me and ask me to continue. However, this was not a matter of concern for me. For me, the achievement was I take part and beat the person with my cell phone clicks who have made pictures with DSLR.

In the end, I found that how joyful it is to capture. I own it as my hobby, yet not as a profession. And this brings me unbeatable joy.

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