Career Troubles in Adulthood

Mahnoor Chaudhry

In adulthood, setting a career is a major development milestone. Individuals who have difficulty setting in a career often go through stress and sadness. In recent years, the burden of getting a meaningful career has increased significantly. On average, people now turn to jobs seven times over their lives. This statistic shows both a rise in job opportunities and the modern accompanying challenges in finding the right job. In addition, people are now encouraged to give a meaningful number of hours to their jobs, both in the office environment and through technology outside of official office hours.

Who faces career issues?

While going through a troubling career phase, people can go through depression and anxiety. On the other hand, people with anxious behaviour may often contemplate about other career options, exhibit perfectionism or burnout, and over-prepared for the tasks. Individuals with depressive characteristics may have trouble motivating themselves to apply for jobs because they believe they have picked the wrong career.

Issues with careers often include, but are not limited to:

1. Finding a career path:

Finding a career path is a challenging task for majority of people. People go through difficulties initiating their first step toward a career. Sometimes they cannot understand the career they should choose. Their confusion cause difficulties and hurdle in finding a career.

2. Applying for jobs:

In the beginning people, it is challenging to apply for a job. People have a lot of concerns about the job and its requirements. Sometimes they lack confidence because of uncertainty that either they are eligible for the job or not.

3. Performing at work:

At the workplace, performing tasks is also a challenging thing. Individuals who are more concerned about their performance may compare them with other fellows and colleagues. They are over-prepared for the task like presentations. Being more concerned and perfectionism will cause anxiety that will ultimately lower the performance.

4. Skills related problems:

People face skill-related problems when they attempt to do something beyond their abilities. They understand the fact that If they do not understand what astrophysics is and want to build a rocket, then they fail in it. People should find their direction and they should understand that without studying engineering, you can't be an engineer. And without studying medical you can't be a doctor.

5. Being oppressed by boss:

" An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager." - Bob Nelson

Working under an oppressive boss can destroy someone's personality. It can cause an inferiority complex and a lack of confidence in a person. Individuals sometimes suffer from career troubles because they work under an oppressive boss, who is not letting them grow.

6. Feeling unmotivated:

All the career problems are interlinked with each other. A person who is not satisfied with his/her job will feel unmotivated. An oppressive boss can also cause unmotivated feelings in employees. Employees became disengaged and focused solely on their salary and start searching for weekends. This was the simply leading point. Most people took nothing extra outside of their job terms. The workload was a difficult task, however, at 4:00 pm on the dot, employees could be seen leaving the office. Team spirit and confidence become gradually and extremely low. People feel choked. Thus, they don't stay there very long. Many people desire to flee but money or accumulated retirement earnings stop them to stay.

How to deal with career troubles?

To deal with the career problems you should have a meeting with yourself. Give yourself time to understand whats you want. Define your directions. Note down all the problems you face in your career. Find out possible solutions and for on them.

There is some effective way to deal with career troubles as follow:

1. Take a new initiative:

If an organization has dismissed or demoted you and you guess you are not fitting the job, then seldom you need to begin your career from zero.

Career difficulty is a large concern. So staying careful is of main value in this stage. Find yourself a new job suitable for you, as you think. Also, you can manage a performance plan to produce much-needed growth in your career.

2. Find direction:​

Imagine that you have an extraordinary job with fabulous pay, but you don’t feel accomplished or motivated doing it. This is a general sentiment shared by many. You not only work for money but also you want fulfillment and satisfaction in your work. Then it is high time to find where your happiness lies. Maybe you don’t want to do a job, but you need to be your boss. Maybe you crave to pursue your passion and do something unbeatable. It is all about you. Learn to appreciate yourself.

3. Listen to your inside voice:​

Maybe this sounds dim, but you should listen to your heart.

Even your brain can’t bring comfort when your heart is screaming. Raising self-esteem and confidence is what I believe we are listening to the heart. In the deep inside of our roots, we all know what we crave to do. But our brain stops us from exercising the danger. I also admit that uncalculated risk can demolish everything. But you are intelligent enough to know what sum of risk you can practice without endangering your life. So you can pursue your heart.

4. An individual journey:​

If you have a profession that seems awkward for many people, then you should not be discouraged. Directing to one's dream has always been an individual journey for every successful person. You are not an anomaly in that case. So you don’t have a need to feel discouraged over no getting mental support from anyone less.

Final thought:

Every difficulty is an opening to progress in your career. If life throws you a hurdle, then you should try your best to win that assignment rather than just yelling over your fate. You need to improve your viewpoint towards the problems. Accept them full of your heart. Face your problems instead of avoiding them.

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