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Mahnoor Chaudhry

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We all feel a lack of confidence at certain points in our life. Some people learn from the situations and avoid making mistakes next time. On the other hand, some people have lack of confidence by default because of their shy nature. If you feel that you are less confident, work on it to improve yourself. Challenge yourself to practice or adopt some healthy habits that can improve your self-confidence.

1. Always wear a gentle smile

Always wear a gentle smile when you talk with people. It will give a good impression of you. When you talk with a polite smile, it shows you are very humble and confident. It reflects your positive personality. You should not ignore the things you enjoy. Always keep yourself in the priority. Don’t follow the things that are not the best match of your choice. Try something you enjoy whether it’s listening to music, reading books, writing, playing games or watching movies.

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3. Make a list of things you love about yourself

In your daily life, you meet many people. Some people throw nasty comments toward you that may impact your mental health. To remind yourself that their comments have no value in your life. You are good and powerful. Make a list of things you love about yourself to keep yourself confident.

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4. Dance to your favorite song

Invite yourself to a happy party. spend time with you. Dance to your favourite song. Enjoy your moment best and leave the rest.

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5. Wear your favourite outfit

Don’t follow people, trends, and suggestions of others. Wear what you think is the best for you. Wear your favourite outfit. Design and select your outfit based on your choice. Following trends blindly can fade your personality. So you should choose what you are comfortable with.

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6. Try something new with your hair

Look in the mirror. Try some new hairstyles. Style your hair the way you like. Through trying different hairstyles you will find which one is best suited for you. Styling your hair in a good way will improve your personality.

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7. Use the affirmation

Say this affirmation ‘‘I am the best and most powerful person’’ three times a day. By saying affirmation daily you’ll remind yourself that you are the best person. The belief that you are the best person will keep you motivated and confident.

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8. Get at least eight hour's sleep

You should take proper sleep at night. It will keep you healthy and active. Get at least eight hours of sleep. If you will not take proper sleep you will be lazy and inactive the whole day.

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9. List the things you have accomplished

By doing so you will be able to keep yourself motivated that you are not an idle person. It will build your belief in yourself.

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10. Do exercise daily

Add exercise to your daily routine. It will keep you healthy physically and mentally. That will place a positive impact on your personality. A physically healthy and mentally relaxed person can do activities better than unhealthy people.

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There is no rocket science to achieve self-confidence and self-improvement. Only you have to adopt some healthy habits. You can improve yourself by giving yourself a daily small challenge. Only you have to work a little bit on yourself. You can boost your confidence and self-improvement gradually by practising these small challenges.

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