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Clear Lake Treated to Wings Over Houston Practice Show

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The Blue Angels flew in tight formation with two of the four fighter aircraft flying upside down.NA/Flickr

Houston, TX – Vintage aircraft enthusiasts gathered along SH 3 outside of Ellington Airport Thursday to catch a sneak peek at WWII US aircraft as the pilots practiced for The Wings Over Houston Airshow, set for Oct. 28-30.

Spectators were treated to practice runs by the renowned US Navy Blue Angels, who are headlining the airshow, as they flew their fighter aircraft in tight formations across the Clear Lake sky. The crowds oohed as the four aircraft flew in the squadron’s signature diamond formation, and performed precision maneuvers while descending seemingly low enough to skim the area’s trees – at times with two of the jets flying upside down.

Some spectators seemed well prepared for the practice show. They parked their vehicles along the airfield fence, pulled out folding chairs, and waited with heavy-duty cameras and binoculars in hand. Others were caught by surprise, coming to a stop and pulling up along the highway with only their cell phones to capture the excitement.

The Wings Over Houston Airshow is one of the top airshows nationwide that celebrates vintage WWII aircraft. The three-day event this year will feature 13 aircraft performances and 31 aircraft on display, and visitors will also be able to meet decorated war heroes. The event draws thousands and in turn benefits charities that support veterans.

As the aerobatics squadron of the US Navy, the Blue Angels perform nationwide to showcase the US naval aviation prowess and demonstrate “the professionalism, excellence and teamwork,” in the Navy and Marine Corps, according to the Blue Angels’ website.

In addition to seeing the Blue Angels' practice, spectators also caught a B-52 Stratofortress bomber landing, as well as four aircraft from the “Tora! Tora! Tora!” exhibit practicing for their reenactment of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

They also saw the WWII B-29 Superfortress bomber, a.k.a. “B-29 Doc”, taxi and take off from Ellington. The historic warplane, which was saved from the Mohave Desert and restored, is one of the only two remaining B29s. It will be on static display at the WOHA but attendees will have the opportunity to take it for a ride via the B-29 Doc Flight Experience.

The event will open each day with The RE/MAX Skydiving Team flying in with the US flag. For the schedule of events, details of the performing teams, static displays, the heroes who will be attending, attractions, and more, see the WOHA website.

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