Apache Death Cave

In 1878 in northern Arizona a band of Apaches attacked a Navajo encampment ,The only survivors where 3 young girls who where apprehended . The Navajo sent out a party to find the girls to no avail . One evening a Navajo scout was setting on a ridge and was startled by a hot blast of air from the ground .The Apaches where hiding underground and he sent for a war party . The party demanded the girls and they soon realized the girls had been killed . The navajos filled the entrance with sagebrush and caught it on fire . The death chants could be heard thru the cave as the Apache prepared to die . They cut up the horses hoping to seal the cave to keep the smoke out . 42 Apache warriors perished that day . If you listen close in that very cave and can hear the death chant and feel the end of trail .

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