Opinion: To All Who Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen, Trump's Former Lawyer Had to Admit Her Mistruths

M. L. French

Jenna Ellis, one of Trump's former lawyers who argued that the 2020 Election was stolen from him, has been censured.

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For those of you who followed former President Donald Trump’s attempts to litigate his way back into the Oval Office after he lost the 2020 Election, you may remember Rudy Giuliani’s sidekick, lawyer Jenna Ellis.

She was always by Giuliani’s side in the court room or at a press conference, trying to argue that there was significant voter fraud in the election and that Donald Trump was the true winner and should remain president for another term.

We haven’t seen many major repercussions for those who fiercely peddled “The Big Lie” that was Donald Trump’s disproven accusations that the Democrats and Joe Biden stole the 2020 Election. Millions of people still believe the nonsense that was served to them by a number of lawyers and politicians who acted as sycophants for Trump.

Jenna Ellis was not the worst of those who repeatedly lied to the American public, but it she is the latest of Trump’s former legal team to experience consequences.

Last week, Ellis was censured by a Colorado Supreme Court judge. A censure is the lowest level of punishment that can be received by a lawyer who has engaged in unethical behavior while practicing law. They can be public or private.

A censure doesn’t prevent the attorney from practicing law. It’s more like a reprimand from the legal system and a warning to potential clients to choose a different attorney.

Ellis’s censure stands out because as part of her deal, she was forced to admit everything she misrepresented while working for Trump on this case.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel said that Ellis violated a Colorado rule for professional conduct that forbid “misrepresentation” by attorneys. The office stated that Ellis made numerous public statements that were “false.”

“The public censure in this matter reinforces that even if engaged in political speech, there is a line attorneys cannot cross, particularly when they are speaking in a representative capacity,” the office said in a statement.

Bryon M. Large was the presiding disciplinary judged who officiated the censure. He wrote in his six-page order that Ellis made “these misrepresentations on Twitter and on various television programs, including Fox Business, MSNBC, Fox News, and Newsmax.”

Ellis admitted that she “misrepresented evidence” ten times while litigating cases that aimed to overturn the results of the 2020 Election.

Here are the lies that Jenna Ellis admitted to fabricating while she was working for Donald Trump:

  • That former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “has not conceded the 2016 election.”
  • That Trump’s legal team had witness affidavits, fraudulent ballots, and “all kinds of statistics that show that this was a coordinated effort in all of these states to transfer votes either from Trump to Biden, to manipulate the ballots, to count them in secret…”
  • That “the election was stolen from President Trump and we can prove that.”
  • Trump’s legal team “will present testimonial and other evidence IN COURT to show how this election was STOLEN!”
  • “The election was stolen and Trump won by a landslide.”
  • That there was “widespread fraud” in the 2020 election and at least six battleground states “were corrupted, if not more through their voting systems.”
  • That there were more than 500,000 illegal votes cast in Arizona.

Large wrote that while Ellis displayed a “pattern of misconduct” and a “selfish motive” while advancing the misinformation, she had no prior record of discipline for bad or unethical behavior, which reduced her punishment. Ellis also agreed to pay $224 in court fees.

“The public censure in this matter reinforces that even if engaged in political speech, there is a line attorneys cannot cross, particularly when they are speaking in a representative capacity,” the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel wrote.

Everyone agreed that Ellis “through her conduct, undermined the American public’s confidence in the presidential election, violating her duty of candor to the public,” Large wrote.

I know it’s hard to admit when you were wrong or when someone deceived you, but here it is in black and white: Trump’s lawyer admitted that their claims about the 2020 Election were FALSE.

This is probably about as close to an admission of guilt as we’re going to get. Trump will never tell the truth about the election, unless perhaps he is forced to do so under penalty of perjury.

But until that day comes, I hope that Trump’s supporters will see that what they were told by Giuliani and Ellis was a farce to try to keep Trump in office despite the fact that he lost the election.

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