Blacked Out Drunk


She’ll never forget, the night she can't remember…

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The dangers and effects of alcohol can lead to devastating, life altering consequences.

Imagine having a great life, great relationship, decent job, financially stable and everything is heading in the right direction. Holidays fill the home with festivities, shopping for gifts and decorating the house to capture the vibe. Thanksgiving weekend just passed and spending it with family and friends was memorable, fun and full of love and laughter.

During a time when life was coming together for a young “couple” in a relationship of nearly 8 years, they spend the next few weeks planning Her 23rd Birthday, which will be the first weekend of a beautiful December day. Dubbed a “friends Giving” dinner party with acquaintances, co-workers, and recently befriended individuals.

The young couple just moved into a new home, and out of the town house they enjoyed for about a year, after relocating to this small town in Central California. Both of them transitioned into different jobs, now settled into a quiet place where they spent most of their time together, watching movies, binge watching original Netflix series, Xbox gaming; and just living a simple life.

While both of them experienced different upbringings, their quality of life, or the way they understood it was quite different on so many levels. But the beauty of love and the feeling of unconditional acceptance and devotion outweighed all else. It was no question to those around them, how much they loved each other.

Planning for the events, of the upcoming weekend, between work and last minute shopping, crafting the perfect dishes to serve to their guests, getting recipe suggestions from Mom, preparing home made pies together, as a couple, for their ”friends giving” and following up with those who‘ve been invited in joining them to celebrate.

[In life we expect our friends to be respectful and trustworthy, with no ill intent”, but in a circle of newly found friends, we may tend to overlook the possibilities of those we allow into our lives, unknowing that some might have their own “hidden agenda”]

While invited to their home, for a “friends giving” dinner / and to celebrate her 23rd Birthday, where everyone claimed to be having fun… Dinner, games, music, dancing, and a whole lot of drinking. Who could of imagined, a night of memorable laughter, would lead to a tragic end?

According to others who attended: everyone was having a good time. The “Birthday Girl” drank excessively and while she does not remember most of what happened towards the end of that night, or remember kissing the girl who was trying to steal her Man, right from under her nose; flirting with him, as he to, was with her, all while acting like she was her friend. Everyone who was there, saw this going on behind her back; and as time progressed, the drinking intensified, unknowing what will soon transpire, nothing can prepare a person for what will happen next…

[According to experts in alcohol intoxication, once you reach a certain blood alcohol level, especially when consumed at a faster rate, opposed to sipping a drink slowly throughout a longer period of time; certain functions in the brain shut off. The hippocampus, stores memories, of things that take place. However, over excessive alcohol can disable that part of the brain. This is usually what happens when people “black out” which makes it impossible for them to remember what they did during that time period. It's like a permanently deleted file, nothing will be stored in their memory bank during that time]

After becoming drunken sick, throwing up, now a mess; another gal there helped her get cleaned up, change clothes, and laid her down in her bed, where she passed out. They all decided to pack up and leave, except for that one girl who opted to stay the night, (which gave her boyfriend and that flirty girl the opportunity to do what they already anticipated.

Mean while, his girlfriend of nearly 8 years, while blacked out drunk; the timeline of events were unclear to her, and unaware of what had happened, other than her waking up; the sight of seeing the person she loves on the floor, in their bedroom, unresponsive and the sight of blood on the wall, where he laid. The reality of it all, began to sober her up.

In a matter of minutes His friends had returned to their house and were on the phone with 911. Everything was happening so fast. Nothing made sense to her at this point… An officer came in and walked her outside and placed her in the back of a patrol car; she fell asleep, and was awakened a couple hours later when she was brought into the police station, still not sure what had happened.

After having fun, celebrating her birthday while hosting a “friends giving” everyone was having a good time. She drank so much, after a certain point she had no recollection of anything.

At the police station she was very cooperative and she agreed to speak with them, in which she was under the impression that she was just trying to help them figure out what happened to her boyfriend, who she adored. So being in there, talking to the cops was absoluty important to her, because she needed to know what happened to him as well. It wasn't exactly clear to her, the extent of the situation. But she vaguely remembered seeing Her boyfriend on the floor and maybe she saw blood!

Trying to piece everything together, she recalls, him lying on the their bedroom floor, their friends coming back to the house; she remembers them on the phone with 911. That's when she began to realize He might be hurt, or that he may have hurt himself. But soon after that thought went through her mind, she was taken outside… And that will be the last time she’ll see him again.

Without knowing what went on, with only others to tell her, what they say, took place. That part of her life and her recollection of what happened, will remain a total blank. Never knowing what went wrong; as the days and weeks went forward, her entire life now ruined, as she sits in a jail cell, crying every day.

Nothing can stop the pain of no longer having the person whom she loved so much, now gone. Every waking moment she thinks about him. When she falls sleeps, she dreams about him, and everything they had together is all gone. She’ll never really know what happened that fateful night, all she knows is he’s dead, and they say she killed him.

Alcohol can become a dangerous habit, and can lead people to do things that they normally woudn’t. Drink responsibly, or don't drink at all. Alcohol can reduce a persons life, by the damage it causes to their health, both physical and mental; or can result in an untimely death, of you or another person. Tragic accidents happen when alcohol takes over.

In life we make choices, never realizing at the time, how certain things could impact the rest of your life. But we can‘t predict the future; so we live in the moment, and enjoy life as it happens. We create social circles, enjoy the company of others, become lax and carefree, as we enjoy life with the people we chose to surround ourselves with.

This is a story of real life events. This article is in reference to the suspects POV in this case. Although there are other elements in the timeline of events by others account, of what they think took place, this is only referring to that of the defendants in this case.

The names in this story have been left out deliberately for maintaing the confidentiality of those involved in the matter. The investigation is on going and the information in this article relates to information that has already been disclosed to the public.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or addiction; seek professional help. Life is precious. Don't wait until it's too late.
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