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Watching other couples at a Las Vegas resort showed me the truth about my own relationship

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**This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we stayed at a resort with multiple pools on a very hot weekend. Predictably, we spent the majority of our time at the pool.

As I lay in my chair by the clear aqua water attempting to get a tan while trying not to melt, I leisurely scanned the people around me — and there were a lot of them, walking around everywhere in their bathing suits.

The majority of the people were couples. Some of them had younger kids with them, some of them had teens with them, and some of them appeared to either be empty-nesters or childless couples.

What I naturally noticed the most about the couples walking by me was — obviously — their physical appearance. Certain couples were on the same level as far as physical fitness and they generally appeared to be more affluent. There were women with perfectly manicured nails, highlighted hair, 6-pack abs, and expensive-looking string bikinis walking next to men in shiny shorts and Rolex watches.

There were couples of all genders, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes the physical contrasts between them were much more noticeable. There were very large people paired with very thin people and objectively stunning people coupled with those who maybe weren’t as objectively attractive.

After gazing at all these couples and taking in all of the superficial stuff, I noticed something else. I realized that almost every single couple I saw appeared to be absolutely besotted with one another and having a wonderful time.

There were devoted-looking husbands slathering their wives with sunscreen and lining up to fetch more drinks for them. There were women holding hands with one another and smiling contentedly. There were men laughing flirtatiously with one another. There were young couples making out in the corners of the pool, drinking in that sacred newness of discovering one another for the first time.

It struck me at that moment that there is still so much love in the world — and so many people in love. People who have been in love with one another for 50 years and beyond. People who have been in love for 20 years. People who have been in love for 5 years. People who have been in love for one week.

Every possible variation of what a couple could possibly look like and be like was displayed here in this hot desert resort where people go to savor one another’s company.

It gave me hope.

It gave me hope that any given couple who has been through almost anything life could throw at them could end up here in this place to enjoy one another. Whether it’s facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges over many decades together, raising children together, losing children together, or not having children together — here they were — still holding hands by the pool.

I watched all the newer-looking couples and wondered where they met, how they fell in love, and what was in store for them in the future. They were here too, bravely pursuing the dream of love and the optimistic search for a companion.

I looked over at my own partner and smiled. I was one of these couples. I had a devoted mate who brought me here to have a nice time. To love me. To be with me.

I felt lucky.

Couple-watching in Las Vegas showed me a lot — but it mostly reminded me to be grateful for what I already have.


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