The wife of the man I was seeing showed up at my workplace in her pajamas

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**This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

During my single years after my divorce, there was a time when I engaged in an affair with a married man whom I worked with. I'm not proud of this chapter in my life and it was a chaotic and negative experience all around.

One of the more dramatic events that occurred during this time was when my affair partner's wife came to the place where we worked looking for us, in her pajamas.

Let's back up a minute.

When I became involved with this person, I thought he was separated from his wife. That's what I was told. This was not the case, and when her husband kept telling her the reason he wasn't home in the middle of the night was that he was working a ton of overtime, his wife got quite suspicious.

So, one night, the wife called our workplace office and asked to speak to her husband. He was not there. He was with me. In my apartment.

The woman in the office who answered the phone told the wife that he was with me, using my first name.

That was enough for the wife.

She apparently jumped in her car, without even changing out of her pajamas, and made the hour-long drive to my place of work at midnight. This facility was a 24-hour warehouse with no security so when she arrived she walked straight in and started going through all the timecards, frantically trying to find her husband's card. Obviously, she was trying to find out what time her husband was punching in and out of work and if his story aligned with the hours he had told her he was working.

When she was done looking at the cards, apparently the wife of my affair partner started asking people who worked there where I was or how she could find me. Luckily, no one gave her any information other than my name. She then left the premises and proceeded to repeatedly call her husband's cell phone. Thank goodness this woman had no clue where I lived.

I had no idea about this incident until I came to work the next day. Needless to say, my boss called me into his office to discuss what had happened.

This is when I found out that not only was my affair partner NOT separated from his wife but that she was actually looking to confront me, possibly even with the intent to cause me bodily harm.

My boss was not pleased with what had happened and there were serious liability issues involved. It was also quite frightening. The whispers going around the workplace were that my affair partner's wife was wearing 'Tinker Bell' pajamas when she came looking for her husband and his mistress. Sometimes real life is indeed stranger than fiction.

I felt sorry for this woman. She must have been in so much pain. I had no idea that her husband had been lying to her or that they even lived in the same house. Now my affair partner had two women to answer to.

To get to a place in a marriage where you literally have to drive to your partner's place of work in your actual pajamas and check their hours because you don't trust what they're telling you about their whereabouts is a terrible thing.

The bottom line here is that there were undoubtedly serious cracks in the marriage prior to this incident. I find it hard to believe any person would take that kind of extreme action without having some kind of previous experience with betrayal involving their partner. The wife had probably dealt with this before and, in hindsight, I should have realized that was a major giveaway that I was dealing with a serial cheater.

Hindsight being 20/20, there were probably many things I could have or should have done differently during this period of my life, however, I did learn my lesson. I just wish it hadn't been in such an embarrassing and scary way in my workplace.

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