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People will insure their homes, cars, and electronic devices. However, when it is time to purchase life insurance, they find it quite difficult to make the decision to purchase life insurance. This may be due to various reasons depending on a person’s family situation.

Death is never easy to accept or process especially when it is sudden. While knowing that death is inevitable, most are never ready to lose someone. In recent years, GoFund Me crowdfunding, fish fry’s, fundraisers, cookouts, etc have become a thing due to the lack of life insurance. Dating back to slavery, slaves were slaughtered and left for dead. It was up to the family to bury their family member while the wounds were still fresh. Back then, there were no insurance policies available like we have today in America.

From the day we are born, we know that there are only two things that are promised to us. One being the day that we are born and the other being the day that we die. The dash in the middle that goes on your head stone represents the time that you were here on earth. With that notion in mind, it should a common practice to get insurance policies to cover your family. However, many generations are not educated on this topic. Some reasons that people may bot get insurance but are not limited too are,

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Affordability
  • Need
  • Fear

Younger generations are not being educated on the importance of having insurance or why it is necessary to pay for your final wishes. Depending on your belief, it may be necessary to have write out a will to provide your loved ones with a detailed record of what you like to have done with your estate; who will receive your belongings, if it not next of kin. Sadly, many are not ready to face the music but will be left holding the bag if there is not preparation when it comes to their affairs.

If a child, spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.
Suze Orman (Graciousquotes.com)

One of the main reasons, a GoFund Me page is not an insurance policy is because depending on your religion or belief, the deceased may need to be buried in a short amount of time ranging from 24-72 hours. If this is the case, the family will not have much time to raise funds for your funeral arrangements. In addition, with their being millions of deaths occurring worldwide, at any given time you can scroll down your timeline and find a link or post for a GoFund Me page. This can be stressful and taxing on a person’s mental health because they may feel obligated to donate all of them but are not finally able to do so.

Secondly, many families are divided. Back in the day, depending on the state, men and women were allowed to have common law marriages. Being as though many of these couples were in it for the long haul, due to children and other obligations, they didn’t feel the need to have additional security. However, if the man moved on to marry someone new, after they have spent umpteenth amount of time together; the new wife would all the benefits and cut out the other woman. This is why securing your future is necessary.

Lastly, come prioritization. It is not common to fathom the thought of dying because who really wants to think about death all day long. For example, if you live a fast life, your mind is probably focused on making money and living your best life. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Simply because what goes up must come down at some point. While GoFund Me is not the best option to raise money for your families final wishes, it is an option. It takes a lot of courage for people to build up the courage to ask strangers for money. However, when people are in a jam, they will do what they deem necessary.

All in all, we must get accustomed to securing out future for many generations to come. As a family, you should also put some money in the tuck because insurance does not always pay out right away. The last things you want to do is leave your loved one in a morgue or funeral home for an extended period of time, while you promote your GoFund Me page to collect funds.

Moral of the story: Plan out your affairs and keep everyone involved informed.

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