My sister isn’t allowed to negotiate sandal’s prices with another attendant.

This is where my sister buys her footwear. She has been buying for my mum here for a long and I had no idea. She's a known customer at Dardano's Shoes and she's friendly with the staff.

Something weird happened when I followed her last week to the shop. We explored the place together and I found a nice shoe and was negotiating with one of the staff. My sister has a favorite attendant and when this attendant saw my sister beside me and the other attendant I was negotiating with, he said we could only talk to one attendant at a time. Why?

Is there any sort of commission they get? These were the questions I asked while my sister was saying "sorry". Sorry for what?

Customers should be free to discuss with anyone. There shouldn't be any form of rule to make customers uncomfortable. But then, he apologized politely and everything was fine.

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