I come across another kind of flower at The Farmers Market 😨

One time I told my colleague I would be going to the farm and he asked me to get him flowers at The Farmer Market. He even said I may find my favorite flowers there. He probably thought I was familiar with the market.

I believed they offer just flowers here since he claimed I must get it there but I never knew it was a cannabis store, a dispensary that offered different flowers with flavors that satisfy smokers. I don't smoke so I'm not familiar with any of those. And I didn't buy them because I wasn't sure they wouldn't cheat me as I was unaware of the pricing and quantity.

I left for another market to get farm produce and flower and I informed my colleague about my experience. Next time, he will go by himself and not send me. I'm as naive as a newborn baby.

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Lydia says hi. I'm here to gist you guys. One reminder, I rep Denver.

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