Shopping with my Mum can be fun sometimes.

You will get what you like here if you remain patient. I was here with my mum and two attendants were already waiting to help us make great selections. My mum told me attendants have some weird attitudes. They look at your appearance and conclude in their minds the kinds of clothes you can afford and the ones you can't. They even try to forcefully convince you to purchase what you don't like by singing its unrealistic advantages into your ears.

Just don't listen if you don't want it. When they think you will bargain, they try as much as possible to keep you away from quality items because they believe someone who will pay higher will come for them. Ask them for help once you reach the store and if you found what you like, go for it. Don't be convinced to choose what you don't want.

Mum asked me to keep quiet and she did the talking. While the attendants were introducing to us available designs, I saw one that I liked and as I was about to pick, the attendant quickly shoved in another design but my mum calmly said "it's okay, I think my daughter likes this".

I barely go out with my mum, but I do once in a while.

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