Casual Japanese Dining | Teishoku Lunch + Cheese Tarts!

#japanesefood #yayoi #tonkatsu #uncletetsu #cheesetarts #bayareafoodie #灣區吃喝玩樂 #灣區美食 #sanmateo #加州美食 #灣區日式餐廳 I love how the newly redesigned dining terrace where outdoor dining spaces blend seamlessly with the restaurants. It provided a relaxing space for eating and gathering or just people watching! One of my favorite restaurants there is a casual Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, YAYOI. They originated in Japan and I had good experience there while in Kyoto. Brings back fond memories of traveling in Japan. To complete our Japanese culinary experience, we will head upstairs to Uncle Tetsu for cheese tarts! YAYOI Japanese Restaurant 389 Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo Uncle Tetsu 72 Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo

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