Learn photography: what I do to make customers satisfied

I’ve been a photographer in Seattle for five years. I helped many families in Seattle record beautiful memories. Very often, new customers ask me, “can I see some samples?”

In fact, I hardly have photograph models (except for those in the photography class). Every sample of mine is a real photo I took for my customers. In the past five years, I have been taking photos for customers as if I am taking sample photos. Now, I am a photography teacher. I want to share my photo shooting experience with you~ 1. Pay a visit to the shooting spot in advance. Every time I make a guest photo, I will go to the shooting spot in advance, even if they are the places I have been to many times. Because of changes of seasons and climates, we see different sceneries. It also helps to improve the efficiency of photo shooting, to save customers’ time and energy. As a mom with three children, I bring children with me. In this way, I not only visit the shooting spot for customers, but also take some nice pictures of my own children~ 2.Communicate with customers to build trust. Before the real shooting, I will ask customers to fill in an information form, which will facilitate me to better understand customer needs. After communicating back and forth with the customer, I’ll prepare the shooting plan for him in advance to ensure a smooth shooting. Never do production line shooting. As a photographer, I don’t like to shoot like I am on a production line. I like to bring creativity into my work. Even if I go to the same place, I will choose the light, background and atmosphere that are most suitable for the current shooting environment. In addition, based on different personalities and ages of customers, I will choose different ways of communication and find the most suitable picture effect for the customers. 3. Pay a lot of attention to post production work. Every time in the last stage, I will pay a lot of attention to every detail, from picture colors, to body figures, and to the removal of debris, to ensure the best effect. ❤As a photographer, I take every guest photo as a sample. ❤ I really enjoy every shot, which is a new creative experience. I have been a photographer in Seattle for five years, and there are a lot of customers who come back again and again. Even for families who ask me to take photos every year, I will try my best to be creative and bring something new every time. I’d experience every season and place in Seattle with them, and accompany them through every stage of their life. While satisfying the guests, I am also satisfied with my continuous stream of innovative ideas❤

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I am a mom of three kids. I live in Seattle and like photography and exploring interesting things.

Seattle, WA

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