I went early to the COORS FIELD 🏟 to watch the bat practice!!!

I got there early & I had a friend 👨🏻 there who works in the management of the stadium 🏟. He allowed me in, so I was lucky to watch the batting practice ⚾️ ⚾️ as well. The stadium was all empty, just a few people, keen lovers 😍 of baseball ⚾️ like me.

As I got early, I was lucky 🤩 to get to the parking 🚗 🚙 ; otherwise, you have to walk 4-5 blocks to reach the field. Soon, the place started becoming crowded. No matter which team you are supporting, watching the match is FUN 🤩 👍🏻 🙌 even if your team loses. My team lost, but still, I was happy because I got to watch a great game.

The food & drinks 🥤 🍹 🍲 🌮 🍔 were also moderately priced. I got a beer just for 15 bucks. Also, the railings of the field were kept clean as some workers were continuously cleaning them. From my seat, the view was wonderful, but the best thing is that you can have a wonderful view of the field no matter where you are sitting.

After the game, there were 20 minutes of fireworks 💥 🎇 🎆 show & I am not kidding, this was the BEST SHOW I ever saw in my life!!

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