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3 Top U.S. Spots For A Happy Couples' Retreat

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Disneyland may bill itself as "The Happiest Place on Earth," but Club Med begs to differ. Its recent survey found 10 other “happiest places on Earth” spots, including three in the United States.

These other spots, however, aren’t just for family fun. These places offer unique destinations for a couples’ retreat. While some couples dream of Paris, France, others seek a more affordable getaway.

With places like Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Francisco, you can still get away and reconnect without sacrificing finances or fun. Each modern, metropolitan city offers great amenities and adventures perfect for that trip away.

As with every trip, there are potential issues to be aware of before jumping on that airplane. Like the top 3 U.S. spots, bigger cities have a few more safety concerns. These concerns shouldn’t keep anyone away, but knowing which cars are the most stolen vehicles in Las Vegas is good. All in the interest of preparation and planning, of course.

What is a happy couples’ retreat?

So what is a couples’ retreat, and who needs one? When you hear the phrase “couples’ retreat,” you might have flashbacks to a particular blockbuster movie. Yes, some couples’ retreats are more intensive and focus on counseling. Other retreats are more personal and individualized.

Couples’ retreats are meant as intentional time away from family and obligations for a couple to reconnect and refresh. Many long-term committed couples can find themselves stuck in the motions of everyday life, and it’s hard to focus specifically on the couple’s relationship.

And that’s where a retreat comes in. In a paraphrase of Jessica Biel, it’s essential to “take time for yourselves.” Couples need uninterrupted time together instead of being married, dating, or parents. How that uninterrupted time is filled is up to the couple.

Importance of taking couples retreats

It can be challenging to strengthen a relationship with the distractions and responsibilities of life. Often couples, especially those with children, are needed every minute of every day. Finding time to express your feelings or thank your significant other can be nearly impossible.

We all want to give a speech like Blake Lively’s about her husband, Ryan Reynolds. But without time and space, who can find the time? Couples retreats can and do offer that space.

So these retreats are essential for the health of a couple’s relationship and the health and well-being of each individual. These retreats can improve everything from communication and intimacy to work productivity.

Increases communication

One of the most significant benefits of couples’ retreats is improved communication. When couples are away from their everyday lives, they can focus on each other. They can share more about themselves. Plus, a change of scenario adds a little more adventure and excitement.

Reduces stress

Even a short trip away will decrease stress exponentially. Getting away from the usual grind and scenery allows both parties in a relationship to breathe. This can only improve a relationship and many other areas of life.

Enhances work productivity

These couples’ retreats are a great way to recharge for the sake of the relationship, but it’s always great for work life. Short trips away, with a complete break from work communication, can help anyone decompress and reenergize before jumping back on a Monday morning.

Improves intimacy

All of those benefits culminate in improved intimacy. Couples who are communicating relaxed, and recharged can connect in every way.

Where to retreat and what to do?

It’s been established that couples’ retreats are beneficial and, dare it be said, necessary. The only decision left to make is where to go. Check out these three spots if you and your partner want to stay in America.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The first city on the list is Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, this city is known for its wild casinos and buffets. While many bachelor and bachelorette parties have been known to stop by, couples can also find some romance and fun here.

There are the usual stops in Vegas — casinos, restaurants, and bars — but dozens of luxurious hotels and glamorous spas exist. Couples can enjoy all the trappings of Vegas at night but still have a relaxing experience during the day.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want a little more excitement, consider going down south and visiting New Orleans. This city is full of music, food, history, and fun. A couples’ retreat would be non-stop in this party city.

New Orleans is best known for good Cajun food and fantastic music. Walking through the French Quarter, you and your significant other can get swept away. But that’s not all. New Orleans is steeped in history, from the National WWII Museum to the centuries-old cemeteries.

San Francisco, California

California has many popular cities. Each of those offers great opportunities for a couple to retreat and reconnect. San Francisco, however, tops the list of couples’ retreat destinations.

San Francisco, located in the Bay Area, allows couples to explore everything the city offers while also being just a few minutes from outdoor adventures. There are iconic landmarks to see — the Golden Gate Bridge or the botanical gardens — and if you want to see more of the city, jump on the closest cable car.

You won't be disappointed if you and your parent want to escape the city. San Francisco has national parks, wine country tours, and Alcatraz, to name a few. Plus, there are hundreds of food options for any taste.

The relationship with a significant other is one of the most important, but the all-important relationship maintenance often falls by the wayside. When or if you find yourself in that situation, planning a weekend away for just the two of you is essential. You won’t regret it.

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