Australia Is Trying To Get Tech Talent To Come To Adelaide

Luke Fitzpatrick

Nestled in Adelaide's Central Business District, Lot Fourteen is shaping into something special. With over $700 million in government investment and $400 million from the private sector, Lot 14 is ready to make a global impact.

The area brags 137 established businesses and 59 startups, and Google is just one of the latest giants in technology to climb aboard. Amazon, the Australian Space Agency, the Bureau of Meteorology, Cellr, Lux, Microsoft, and Optus are just a few big businesses already established.

Lot 14 is growing rapidly

Within the lot, there are several refurbished heritage buildings, as well as brand-new buildings. The flagship center, 16 stories high, is set to open at the tail-end of 2023. It's a bold plan, with the creation of 650 desks set aside for startups.

You will find Lot 14 in the northeast of Adelaide's CBD, located between the botanic gardens and the university. The development began in 2017 on the site of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, which had been demolished. The master plan, however, wouldn't be signed off on until the following year. This move would ensure Lot 14 is the main event in the city plan.

Deloitte brought 500 cybersecurity, defense, and technology jobs to Adelaide. Accenture created 2,000 jobs in aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity. And it's these big names that paved the way for the success of Lot Fourteen. With the facilities and resources on the site, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft moved in.

Australian companies already recognized it as a tech hot spot, with the defense and aerospace industries signing on in their droves. It has also opened up a wealth of career opportunities.

Australia's most liveable city

It is still possible to register your interest in tenancy at Lot 14. There's room for up-and-coming startups to make their mark and join the regeneration project. But, before taking the plunge, why not travel to the area, book a tour, and decide for yourself whether Adelaide is the new hottest spot for tech startups? Beyond Lot 14, Adelaide offers a lot, from wine tours to riverboats and even kangaroos.

There's a great reason it was voted one of the most liveable cities in the world. It's a practical choice and a highly liveable area, despite South Australia's reputation as being a festival state. And there is no better time to move in before the expected tech sector boom.

The state of South Australia is sure to benefit from Adelaide's growth in tech, and it's a boon to Australia overall. Lot Fourteen offers a concrete path forward to new jobs and new opportunities. Tech startups who opt for Lot Fourteen have a unique opportunity to get their start and scale up. While existing start-ups are looking to scale.

It isn't just Australian start-ups that will benefit; with Lot Fourteen attracting so much attention from abroad, the future looks bright. The arrival of Google and Amazon, announced just months apart, highlights Adelaide's tech credentials, proving that the globe's most prominent players view the area as Australia's answer to Silicone Valley.

The tech industry is the key to securing economic growth, providing continued employment, and encouraging innovation across all sectors, from mining to agriculture. With the university nearby, there's a strong pipeline of students looking to get in on the ground floor of new and exciting companies. Many graduates are already in positions at Lot Fourteen, with current students serving as interns.

Local funding with SALP

You will find solid investment support in the form of the South Australian Landing Pad (SALP). It is open to businesses generating income for at least 12 months. If you are an international business or interstate (outside South Australia), you could receive a grant of up to A$100,000.

Businesses of all sizes are welcome to apply (unless you are in the seed stage). If you don't have a current presence in SA, which means virtual, physical, or even an employee, and you're committed to operating in the area for at least 12 months, you can apply.

You must also be in at least one industry considered a priority sector. You can use the funds to gain support and advice and access accommodation, and you will also find help navigating the local ecosystem. It has never been a better time to do business in Adelaide.

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