How To Party From Home In 2022

Luke Fitzpatrick

There are plenty of ways to celebrate responsibility and enjoy every holiday that comes your way. Let's look at some of the best party ideas you can play for the festive season around the corner and the coming year ahead.

1. A cocktail party

If we're honest with ourselves, the centerpiece of every party, whether there are 200 guests or 5, is the food and drink. That is true for every holiday. If you want to kick it up a notch, why not have an evening of elegant cocktails? You can make plenty of easy-to-make, adventurous cocktails at home with little to no skill and with what you already have in your cupboards.

If you plan to entertain friends via video chat, choose more straightforward options with which anyone can join in and participate. That way, you're all enjoying the same delicious cocktails no matter where they are. Since it's a cocktail party, why not don cocktail party attire?

2. Games night

Trivial Pursuit, Articulate, Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Cluedo … there are plenty of games you can drag out for a cozy night with your friends and family. A game night must be on the table if you want a relaxing evening with those closest to you.

Don't leave it at that. This is your opportunity to make an incredible cheeseboard, pour the bottle or port hiding at the back of the cupboard, and unwind with the ones you love.

3. Celebrate in reverse

If there's one thing adults love, it's eating breakfast for dinner. Let's take this a step further, flip the entire day upside down, and eat your way through it in reverse. Why shouldn't you eat pizza, Chinese, or mac and cheese for breakfast?

If that's a step too far, perhaps eating dessert before your main meal at dinner is sufficient. When it comes to dinner, picture this — pancakes, waffles, crispy bacon, French Toast, buttery scrambled eggs, and tea. Today is a celebration. It isn't an average day, so why would you treat it like one on earth?

4. World traveler

Literal world travel may be off the table in the foreseeable future, but you can still do a bit of traveling from home. If you love French food, make an evening of it with authentic cuisine, beverages, and classic French films.

You can travel anywhere, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Thailand, China, or Chile. The sky's the limit, as long as you're prepared to make a night of it.

5. There's been a murder

Whether you have a house full of people or it's all via video chat, you can still have an enjoyable murder mystery party. You can choose a theme and write your own or pay for one of the self-hosted games on the market.

Of course, there are live hosted services as well as downloadable packages. It's all down to your budget! Take it a step further by encouraging everyone to dress to the theme and create a drinks menu and snacks to reflect that fit with the aesthetic.

6. Grazing table

This year, some of us have ordered way too much food online. Why not do some different and enjoy a grazing table with friends?

No matter what theme or party idea you settle on, one thing you can include in an excellent grazing table. Typically, a grazing table focuses on savory snacks, but you're celebrating, so you should feel free to make it as sweet or savory as your tastebuds desire. There are no rules. You can do it any way you like. That's half of the fun.

Ultimately, you can throw a fantastic celebration with a little effort. You can make memories anywhere. If you're not up for creating this delicious food yourself, consider hiring a chef to tackle the hard work for you.

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