6 Ways To Integrate Instagram Posts Into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Luke Fitzpatrick

Email marketing remains constant for many online consumers, even in a social media-driven market. A lot of mailing list subscribers still sign up straight from websites. However, there's a different charm when you also lead your existing subscribers to your social media platforms. Instagram, for example, opens up a more personalized and real-time engagement.

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Instagram and Email Marketing can go hand in hand, as each platform attracts different user profiles, expanding your brand reach and helping your business grow. Here are some easy ways to integrate your Instagram posts into your campaigns:

Straight Up Instagram Promotions

The simplest way is to create a campaign promoting your Instagram account. Your subscribers already have loyalty to your brand, so it should be easy to tell them how else they can engage with you.

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Aside from including an image of your Instagram feed for this campaign, you can write down the benefits they can get from following you there. Being subscribed to your mailing list already has its premium, so think of a way you can incentivize your email subscribers when they click that follow button on your Instagram profile.

Make Your Instagram Photos Part of Campaign Layouts

Use your Instagram-ready photos as visual aids to your campaigns. Compared to the usual shots stylized for websites and campaigns, there's a certain rawness and authenticity when it comes to Instagram photos. These photos show your brand's more approachable side to subscribers who rarely check social media.

Aside from using them as visual aids, you can embed a link in your photos that directly leads to your Instagram post. By doing so, you are adding a call to action for your subscribers. With one click, they get to explore your Instagram page, garnering a like and even a follow.

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Lastly, the size and dimension of Instagram-ready photos make them mobile view-ready. You don't have to spend extra hours trying to reformat a portrait or landscape photo so that it'll show up well regardless of the device your subscriber is using. All you need to do is plug them into your email marketing platform, and they're good to go. Easy, right?

Create a "Weekly Update" Campaign

Instagram has a very tricky algorithm. You may have 10,000 followers, but not all of them are guaranteed to see your post, at least in real-time. There is a disadvantage to this, especially if you have time-bound promotions and special offers. By creating a "weekly update" campaign, you can send your latest Instagram updates or posts directly to their inbox.

This campaign gives subscribers a sense of security and inclusivity because it removes their worry of missing out on your brand's activities. Remember that email subscribers have a different kind of loyalty to your brand, so keeping them in the loop about what's happening on other platforms makes them feel that they're valued.

Turn An Instagram Post Into An Entire NewsletterLet's face it, only a small number of Instagram users read through a post's entire caption. Of course, you wouldn't want the stories you post to be left unread by many, especially if they speak so much about your brand and your customers.

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Think like the Nice Content News portal approach of sharing a blog post. Expound on your brand's advocacy using your newsletter or maybe a client or customer's experience with your brand. You can create a newsletter highlighting your products and their advantages (i.e., 5 Space-Saving Furniture for Studio Apartments).

Share Your Instagram Achievements

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Update your subscribers with what's going on with your Instagram account. Post about reaching your 9,000 followers and encourage them to follow or share your account so you can reach the 10,000 mark! You can post about a giveaway or special offer if you reach this new milestone.

Embed Instagram RSS Feeds

If creating a weekly update campaign feels like extra work, embedding Instagram RSS (really simple syndication) feeds may be more time-saving for you. RSS feeds allow you to show relevant posts happening on your page. RSS feed generators can easily embed these feeds into your campaigns.

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RSS feeds are customizable, too. Not only can you create a feed based on your popular posts, but you can also make feeds based on your brand's hashtags. If you're running a special giveaway or promo and have a hashtag for it, you can create an RSS feed based entirely on that. Your campaign now becomes a one-stop shop for everything your subscribers need to know about you.


You will never run out of content for your email marketing campaigns if you integrate more of your Instagram posts. These are just some of the many ways you can marry these two platforms. Feel free to experiment! The email marketing platform and Instagram analytics will be able to give you insights into what works anyway.

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If done right, the direct marketing of email campaigns and the creative visuals of Instagram posts can work well in cultivating a loyal community.

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