Improve Your Business Instagram Account in 6 Easy Ways

Luke Fitzpatrick

Instagram has been a helpful platform for businesses to thrive, create genuine connections, and collaborate. It makes a lot of sense why many users have switched to a Business Instagram Account. Switching has given them access to information and features that help propagate their business.

Switching to a Business Instagram Account may be overwhelming at first, so here's a simple guide on how you can make this kind of account work for you:

Make Access To You Easy

A Personal Instagram account only allows one clickable link in your profile. Although, let's face it. Only a few people click the link to get more information about you and your business. They either send you a message via DM or leave a comment on one of your posts.
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The great thing about having a Business Instagram account is being able to add your email address, phone number, working hours, shop link, and even a booking calendar on your profile. Visitors can skip that extra step of getting in touch with you by simply clicking on any of the features. Doing so also makes it easier for you to organize your business transactions.

Update Your Profile Frequently

Because you are offering all channels of communication and information up front, make sure to update the contents of the link in your bio frequently. Usually, brands use the Link in Bio feature to drive traffic straight to the website.

Consider using third-party hosts like Link Tree, Campsite, Milkshake, Carrd, or Lnk.Bio so you have a simple landing page containing various categories, including your website. Links you can include in the third-party website are links to your shop, event registrations, other social media platforms, and download links to your app if you have one.

Take Advantage of Paid Content

Setting up an Instagram Business account page gives you access to a Business Facebook page. The content and campaigns you post are simultaneously posted on Instagram and Facebook since you create Instagram ads through Facebook's Ads Manager.

The constantly changing algorithm challenges generating leads and increasing your reach. Running paid content can help you get past those and target your key audience members, both old and new.

You can run ads with all kinds of posts, but according to Instagram, the most effective post to boost would be Instagram stories. Instagram stories have a direct and more immediate reach. Plus, they're also easier and fun to make! So if there's one kind of content you can buy ads for quite often, Instagram Stories would be the way to go.

Strategize Paid Content with Instagram Insights

Having a Business Instagram account gives you access to Instagram Insights, a feature that shows you valuable data about your posts. Instagram Insights offers you the profiles of your audience, reach, impressions, demographics, and locational data.
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Once you see which of your posts perform well in terms of engagement, it will be easier to know what kind of content to create and which posts to boost.

If you know the kind of tone, theme, and design that garner the most engagement, you can create a more efficient marketing and advertising campaign targeting your desired audience. You can even start creating these campaigns ahead of time.

Use #hashtags to Widen Your Reach

There's no need to sponsor every post on your Instagram. So what about the other posts, then? The answer is simple: hashtags. The use of hashtags may be traditional, but it's still effective in building your brand on a Business Instagram account.

Aside from the popular hashtags in your industry (which you can find online), create campaign or brand-specific hashtags so people can easily find content related to you. Not only do they find your content, but they also get to see your account.

Include three to five hashtags at the end of your caption or in a comment.

Create Partnerships Through Tags and Collaborations

Tagging or @mention-ing on social media is still one of the most effective ways to put your brand out there. It's also a great way to share feedback from your customers. Only a few people check hashtags, so tagging an account is still more effective for broader reach.

For content that is more on the Influencer level of marketing, Business Instagram accounts have this "Branded Content" feature. Branded content is a feature that allows businesses to tag partners for an exchange of value. This feature will enable you to tag any Personal, Creative, or Business Instagram account. This feature benefits you and the influencer because they also get access to Instagram Insights. With both parties having access to this data, it will be easier to develop better ways to promote your brand while simultaneously helping your influencer partner expand their reach.

Worth The Switch

You may find yourself doing a series of social media experiments, especially with the resources and audience information provided by the Business Instagram Account features. Instagram and its algorithm constantly change because your audience behavior also changes. Any tool for professional support that will help you ride along with these changes and make you thrive will always be worth using.

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