9 Practical Email Marketing For Higher Open Rates

Luke Fitzpatrick

In setting up online marketing tools, brands and businesses prioritize websites and social media accounts first and tackle email marketing last. Not because email marketing is not as important, but because of the assumption that many people do not open their emails anyway. As it is, we receive an overwhelming amount of emails a day, so it is easy for brand mailing list content to get lost in inboxes. In 2022, an estimated 347 billion emails were sent and received daily.

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However, there is a way to capture the attention of consumers. Your audience subscribing to your mailing list means agreeing to receive exclusive content. The challenge now is how to make them open your emails the moment they reach their inboxes.

Here are actionable and easy ways to increase your email open rate:

Make It Personable From The Get-Go

There is a bigger chance for the receiver to open your email if you use your name instead of the brand name for the sender field. Including the receiver's name in the subject line increases your email opening rates.

Establish a Brand Voice

It is essential to have your voice consistent in your content, including email marketing. A consistent brand voice will also help you stand out in the flood of emails people get daily.

Do you want your emails to sound upbeat, funny, and encouraging? Or would you prefer a more serious, cut-to-the-chase kind of tone? Think of what kind of rapport you want to have with your audience. Having an established and distinct brand voice doesn't just make you stand out; it will make writing emails easier for you.

Keep it Brief and Concise.

One of the key points of effective email marketing is keeping it simple and straight to the point. Subject Lines require a shorter copy, so keep them at 17-24 characters to avoid getting cut off, especially on mobile view. Sentences in the email body should be under 25 words and paragraphs under three sentences for easy reading. Keeping these in mind will help you write your email more clearly and purposefully.

Highlight Benefits More Than Features

Email Marketing is a great way to talk more about your brand or product. As it is, your website and social media pages already include many of your brand or product features. Utilize email marketing to talk more about the benefits of what you are offering by sharing experiences, testimonies, and how-tos.

Use "Power Words" In The Subject Line

Power Words evoke quick action from the receiver. The Power Words you use will depend on the intention of your email content. Time-Sensitive subject lines give the receiver a sense of urgency and address their fear of missing out on special and exclusive offers they can only get when they open the email. Subject lines like "Free Shipping for this weekend only!" or "Hey (name)! The candle you want is on sale today!" are a few examples.

Power Words can also convey encouragement and present solutions to problems. Imagine receiving an email that says, "Are you struggling with (problem)? You're not alone." Writing this way will make the receiver feel seen and heard.

Driving up curiosity using Power Words is also a great way to increase your email open rate. Cliffhanger subjects like "Guess what we heard about (subject)..." will catch the receiver's attention and open your email instantly.

Tease with Previews

Support your strong subject line with preview text that's just as inviting. The preview text can be the teaser answer to your question in the subject line or include more specifics about the additional content in your email.

Online Softwares show how preview texts will appear in an inbox, both in desktop and mobile views. Using these types of software will also let you see how well your preview text supports your subject line.

Include A Call-To-Action

Having a Call-To-Action button is one of the basics of email marketing. You can usually find CTA buttons in the email header. You can take it up a notch by placing CTAs in your inline text and at the end of the email. This way, your CTA is prominent regardless of how fast or slow the receiver scrolls through your email.

Sometimes, the best call to action is to ask recipients to respond to your email. This strategy gives you the chance to create a unique, personal connection with your subscribers. And it’s an opportunity to impress them with a quick email response time. Everyone loves to feel like you care about them!

Schedule Your Emails

Manage your Email Marketing Schedule using calendars and online planning tools. Sending consistent, organized, and well-paced emails will keep you on your audience's radar. Note that the best days to send emails are every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Schedule emails for sending at the start and end of the workday (8 AM and 6 PM, respectively) and during downtime at work (10 AM and 2 PM).

Do A Quick Run Through Before Sending Out

Bad email leads affect the sender’s reputation and hampers email deliverability. Email validation ascertains whether the addresses are inactive or incorrect. You can remove fake email addresses to build a quality mailing list for an increased open rate. Also, don't forget to do a preview test to ensure proper layouts. You may also want to see how your subject line and preview line show up on the screen, especially for mobile devices. Most users check their emails on their phones more frequently.


Lastly, have fun with it! Email Marketing is an extension of your brand and is a chance for you to engage with your audience uniquely and creatively.

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