How Video And Access Moving To The Cloud Is Revolutionizing Security Controls

Luke Fitzpatrick
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Advancements in technology have strengthened security systems across businesses, providing them with better protection and a reduced administrative burden. In particular, security technologies, such as access control and video surveillance, are noticing a shift with these advancements.

Access control and video surveillance have been moving to the cloud as cloud-based systems provide a user-friendly system that requires minimal management from security teams without compromising protection against threats. The cloud expands the capabilities of access control and video surveillance technology, opening up possibilities for future advanced technologies.

One of the latest innovations is Openpath’s Video Intercom Pro which utilizes the cloud to include video, audio, and access controls through one piece of technology for the advancement of security controls. The cloud is stirring up a revolution in the security industry and bringing security technology into the future to protect businesses better.

Cloud-based access control and video surveillance

Cloud-based access control and video systems are open to change and growth without additional work. They can integrate systems for more visibility and scale their operations to protect the business's current and future needs. These types of technologies are vital to security systems and have seen many advancements that have created stronger systems, including video intercom systems.

Video and access control’s move to the cloud paved the way for advances such as cloud-based video intercom systems. These new technologies enhance visibility and control over building access for employees, maintenance, and visitors to protect your business better. They are set to revolutionize the industry for countless reasons. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Easy to integrate

Separately, access control and video surveillance are efficient systems that protect against crime. But because of the cloud, they can come together to support and enhance each other’s applications through video intercoms. Integrated systems provide your security team with enriched data, enabling better visibility of the operation.

With integrated security, you can see who is accessing a room based on their credentials and video footage. This will provide security teams with more information to make better and more informed responses, making it tighter as it will significantly reduce the amount of unauthorized access.

If an incident does occur where someone steals an ID card and uses it to access a building, the integrated system will catch them faster as it works together via one network. This allows security teams to manage several technologies simultaneously for faster response times. Responses will be further improved with security automation.

Based on integration, the system can run independently in the background and identify security threats rapidly, passing them along to the security team or automating a response themselves. Automated responses are not possible without cloud technology, and they streamline the threat detection process to protect the operation better.

2. Offers advanced access control systems

Cloud-based technology has brought access control into the future. Previously, it was installed directly onto computers and managed solely by the business itself, increasing administrative work and decreasing security measures.

Now with cloud-based technology, the security options are endless. From role-based access to rule-based access to video intercom systems, there are many ways to secure your building better without overworking your security team.

Role-based access

Advanced access control systems can offer role-based controls where access to areas within buildings and data within the network is decided based on role. If you need access to perform your job effectively, you will receive it, but you won't have access if it is unnecessary to your position. This reduces the access available to employees, so companies have better protection from employee crimes.

Rule-based access

Based on predetermined criteria created by an administrator within the company, access is given to employees regardless of their role. These rules can focus on anything; they could impose time limits on access or connection to a department, but they restrict access based on the company’s needs. This protects the facilities and data exactly as the company requires.

Video intercom system

Openpath’s latest video intercom systems expand on traditional video intercoms to provide advanced protection to your business. This security system can authorize access for employees and visitors based on voice recognition, appearance, and credentials with its video, call, and audio features.

It combines the elements of access control, a front desk, and video surveillance into one user-friendly piece of equipment that operates itself. For needs beyond the intercom, it can contact the right staff members for you and ensure you receive the correct access. From afar, security staff can grant and monitor guest and employee access to ensure that the safety of the building and its data is maintained.

3. The option to scale and adapt

No business remains stagnant; they change and grow as the market around them does, meaning that their needs will change also. Change is normal, and technology needs to be ready to embrace that change and protect businesses through it, so systems need to be able to scale and adapt as business needs to do.

Cloud-based systems are efficient in vertically scaling a business as necessary. This means adding services and capacity to an existing system and increasing its abilities and potential. Unlike on-premises systems, cloud-based technology scales naturally. It automatically updates itself to offer the newest and most secure version of the system with room for change as requested.

For example, cloud-based access control systems can easily add new doors and locations without any new software or setups. As a result, cloud technology is user and cost-friendly as it requires less overwatch and improves with every over the air update. No businesses' needs are out of reach with cloud technology.

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