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Luke Fitzpatrick

Sponsored content and ad boosting were the primary tools for increasing likes and follows, but somewhere along the way, the game changed. Being on social media became more than just numbers. It became about creating meaningful engagements. The increased number of followers seems more like a bonus. Social media users now give more importance to responses.
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Aside from creating brand awareness, Social Media Engagement is also about creating interactions that will turn you into a household name. What makes content engaging? Here are some ways:

Dive into Audience Insights

Knowing the algorithm is essential, but it becomes challenging to track as it constantly changes with user preferences. Instead of using the algorithm as a reference for creating content, consider tracking audience insights and analytics instead.

See when your followers are most active, where most of them are coming from and what age or gender demographic you reach with your content. These you look into what you can make more of and what you can improve.

If you create various types of content, see which ones your followers respond with the most. There are a lot of comprehensive third-party tools that give you access to these kinds of insights. Some social media platforms already have built-in analytics tools.

Based on what you find, you can make more engaging content and maintain the consistency of engagement on your page.

Be Authentic in Communicating

The findings in your analytics will help you find the most authentic way you can communicate with your existing audience and eventually attract potential followers to your page.

Start with figuring out what your online voice sounds is. Establish your character, tone, language, and purpose. With these, you will be able to create content that will resonate with people who aren't just looking for a brand but are also looking for an online community where they feel seen and heard.

Be Visually Appealing

One of the best and fastest ways to engage an audience is by posting high-quality visuals on your online platform.

Design your photos, videos, infographics, and gifs based on your brand identity.

Doing so makes it easier for audience members, either followers or casual scrollers, to associate the content they see with you.

There is a wide array of applications that cater to specific types of content, making it easier to design templates. If you have text-heavy content, add visuals and turn them into carousel posts. For video posts like IG stories and reels, adding subtitles will most definitely help.

Be Consistent With Posting

Consistently posting may seem overwhelming at first, but having regular posts bumps up your page in your followers' algorithms. Start with posting twice a week. You can also assign a specific type of post for certain days (Mondays are for motivational quotes, Wednesdays are for video content) so that people have something to look forward to. Be extra creative by coming up with hashtags specific to your brand. This will make your archives easier to navigate.

Having templates for your page allows you to create content ahead of time, so all you need to do is schedule your posts. Use social media schedulers that let you cross-post to various platforms for convenience.

Be In The Know

Knowing what is currently happening in the world or trending online gives you ideas on what kind of content you can post. This is particularly helpful for time-bound and spontaneous content.

Talking about current events or bringing up hot topics allows for a timely dialogue with your audience.

Aside from checking hashtags, Google Trends is one of the best resources for trending topics in your industry or field of interest. Using resources like this will also help a lot on days when it's hard to think of what to post.

Have Real-Time Conversations

Aside from encouraging your audience to comment, re-share, or like your post, make them part of your conversation by holding brand-related Q&A sessions, putting up polls, or streaming live. Not only do these types of interactions gain traction, but they're also efficient tools for consistently growing and nurturing your dynamic with your audience.

These real-time engagements can be part of your regular social media calendar. Almost all social media platforms have these built-in features, making them very accessible for everyone.

The demand for the chatbot is increasing. In fact, bots are expected to handle 85 percent of social media exchanges that occur online.

Chatbots are one of the most accessible ways to observe AI in operation. To communicate with people, these conversational machines employ AI techniques such as machine learning, Automated speech to text (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP).

Connect and Collaborate

Level up your engagement with your audience by featuring User-Generated Content on your social media profile. Make sure to ask for permission first. Posting this kind of content makes you approachable and relatable and will encourage your audience to interact with you. Instagram has a "Collaborator" feature that maximizes this, making it super easy to grow your Instagram profile. You can also host live streams in real-time by having the same online voice as you.

Collaborating doesn't just help you gain traction, but it also gives other audience members a glimpse of the online communities you are building and are a part of.

Make Social Media Fun Again

Your page is your space, and you get to determine how you intend your online presence to be. Your page is also an invitation for others to join you in relevant conversations and memorable experiences, regardless if you're a brand or not. With all the available online tools and resources, it will become much easier to establish your place in the social media sphere.

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