Ways to Increase Online Sales Using Social Media

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Social media is quickly becoming a standard feature of every marketer’s arsenal. With almost 2/3rds of the world’s population being online, the amount of reach you can potentially have on social media is enormous. Many different social media platforms mean there are many new ways for brands to interact with customers and equally as many ways to influence purchase decisions and gain sales.

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Social media is an excellent marketing tool, and individual social media platforms have features that make them unique. If you maximize these features instead of just copy-pasting your marketing across all platforms, we think you’ll be able to see an uptick in sales. There’s a learning curve, but the following tips will simplify the process.

Instagram Tips to Increase Online Sales

Don’t just rely on plain posts and ads.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become one of the biggest draws of this social media network. Stories take up the whole screen, which you can use to your advantage. Your messaging will rarely take up this much screen real estate. Since Instagram is a visual platform, you have to ensure that your Instagram Story content immediately grabs users’ attention.

One great way to do this is by using Instagram Story stickers. Use the quiz sticker for giveaways and contests, use the question stickers for customer surveys, or use the location sticker to plug your next event. What matters is that users get engaged with your Story and spend more time looking at your content. Eventually, this will get more eyes on your profile, where you should have a link to your site. It makes it easy for a user to start shopping. And if you aren’t already running Instagram Story ads, you should consider doing so because it’s a quick way to get your online shop seen by a broad audience.

Shoppable posts and tags

Shoppable tags allow you to tag products for users to buy instantly from their feed. It’s a brilliant feature and one that seems to be underutilized by many brand accounts. It turns your typical image carousel post into a miniature catalog. If you have great product photos and a solid visual style, these posts can be potent tools to increase online sales.

Shopping stickers in your Stories is another great feature that not enough brands use. Like shoppable tags, it’ll direct users straight to the item or product, allowing them to buy directly from their feed. Combine this with high-value Story content or an excellent Story ad, and you should see more sales for the specific item you’re plugging.

Facebook Tips to Increase Online Sales

Maximize your groups and chats.

Facebook Groups

Creating a Facebook group is something that more brands should do. You’re making a space for people who have bought from you. Building your community of die-hard fans on Facebook has a ton of benefits. It’s easy for your brand to upsell or cross-sell because they’ve already had experience with your brand.

You also have to offer something great for being in the group. You can limit exclusive deals, tutorials, and other types of high-value content to group members. The only caveat is that you need to get them to sign up for the group as soon as possible after they make their purchase. It’s good to send them an email inviting them to the group right after they finish their purchase on your website.

Messenger chatbot

Many people on Facebook prefer to make inquiries about products and services through Facebook Messenger. Promptly answering all their queries is vital to getting them to commit to a purchase. Assuming you don’t have an unlimited customer service budget, there may be times when you won’t have someone monitoring Messenger. That’s where a chatbot comes in. Set it up with a clever Messenger sequence, and you’re likely to see way more conversions.

There is some effort involved in doing so, and it requires you to have accurate data about what kinds of questions customers are most likely to ask. You have to know your users well to give them what they want. It’s worth it to have a good chatbot set up.

Twitter Tips to Increase Online Sales

Post often and increase engagement.

Direct links

Whereas you typically post a couple of times a week on other social media networks, Twitter users expect multiple Tweets per day. Because it’s fast-moving and the character limit is tiny, you can’t rely on a broad approach to plug your products and services. You have enough space to talk about one product type and directly link to it. Yes, some followers may not be interested in that specific thing, but wait a couple of hours, and you can post about something else that catches their interest.

You need a well-structured site and great product photos to entice people into buying, but that should be par for the course if you’re looking to increase online sales.

Ask for retweets

It’s so easy to retweet posts on Twitter that many users do almost exclusively. Using this feature is a good idea because it allows you to reach more people who may not be your direct followers. A simple call to action on your post asking users to retweet for giveaways, contests, or events can expose your brand to a bigger audience. You can even do it for non-sales-related content, especially if you’re good at following Twitter culture. Just ensure that your messaging stays on-brand and doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming a meme.


The critical thing to note with all these tips is that you have to give your audience a good reason to buy your products. Other types of high-value content should always be part of your social media marketing approach. In combination with that, our actionable tips should get you more online sales in a short time.

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