The Most Popular Dog Names And Breeds Revealed

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The name you owners choose for their dogs is usually based on their dog's personality and look. Some specific names are common for particular breeds and why owners frequently choose similar names for their dogs.

Read on if you want to learn more about the most popular names for dog breeds. The latest research on each breed type's most common dog name is here.

What are the most popular dog breed names?

Research has revealed the most popular names for each unique dog breed and what it reflects about the personalities and characteristics of these popular breeds.

Labrador Retriever

This large breed, the Labrador Retriever, is deceptively gentle and can carry an egg in their mouths without breaking it. This ability comes from their history of being used to retrieve minor fouls during hunts without breaking their bones.

The most popular name for this dog breed is Bailey, a humanizing name that reflects these gentle giants' docile and seemingly wise nature.

British Bulldog

This dog breed is known for its gruff exterior, drooping jowls, and sympathetic eyes. Research shows that the most popular name for this dog breed is Winston.

It’s no surprise that Winston made it to the list of top names for this breed, as British media often compares Winston Churchill to a bulldog based on his uncompromising nature and stout figure.

German Shepherd

This majestic and strong breed is known for its sharp mind and sharp nose. Commonly used as police dogs, these pups are intelligent and agile, and their wolf-like appearance makes them adorable.

The most popular name for this dog breed is Kaiser, likely coming from the breed’s German heritage, as Kaiser is the name for a German emperor.

Cavalier King Charles

This breed is known for being the perfect lapdog. The friendly and playful King Charles Cavalier is associated with British Royalty as King Charles II was fascinated with the toy spaniel.

The most popular name for this breed is Lola, a feminine name representing the ladylike qualities of this breed that earned it the role of Lady in Disney’s Lady And The Tramp.


This Mexican breed is famous for its distinctive size. This pocket-sized dog is courageous and devoted. Anyone looking for a protective companion will find their match in this breed.

The most common name for the Chihuahua is Pixie. This name is playful, representing owners’ marvel over how tiny and precious this bold little breed is.

Border Collie

The obedience and intelligence of the Border Collie make it a famous dog in the farming community, used for herding sheep and cattle.

Their ability to listen and perform tasks and their deep, intelligent eyes make them the perfect farming dog and companion for a household willing to take them on plenty of walks to help them expand their vast energy pool.

Popular names for these working dogs include Syke. Other popular names for this breed include Max, Blue, and Finn. Single syllable names are helpful for this breed.


This dog is known for its unusual proportions. Designed to enter rabbit holes, the Dachshund has a long body and short legs, giving it the sausage dog's unofficial name.

The most popular names for Dachshunds include Slinky, Rolo, and Digby. Slinky comes from the movie Toy Story, which features a slinky dachshund toy. Rolo comes from the famous Nestle treat and reflects some Daschunds’ black and brown color, representing chocolate and caramel.


The poodle’s textured and curly hair makes it look like a cuddly toy. This breed is known for its intelligence and apt nose and is frequently mixed with other breeds to make a hypoallergenic teddy bear breed.

The most popular names for Poodles are Teddy and Poppy. The name Teddy has risen in popularity by 229% since 2019, with more dog owners opting for this name, likely due to the rising popularity of hypoallergenic poodle mixes and their teddy-like appearance.

Yorkshire Terrier

This tiny breed is known for being the perfect handbag pooch and lapdog to snuggle up with on the sofa. The most popular names for the Yorkshire Terrier are drawn from the breed’s appearance in The Wizard of Oz. Oz, and Toto, are the most popular names for this breed, based on Dorothy’s own Yorkie.

Summing up

If your breed isn’t listed here, you can find more popular breeds and the most common names for them. Research shows that the popularity of specific names for each dog breed is based on multiple factors. A large number of the most famous names for dog breeds are based on media representations of the breed. Other names are based on the personalities and appearance of the breed.

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