Exterior Home Remodeling Ideas To Update Your Home

Luke Fitzpatrick

The exterior of your home has a huge impact on how you feel about being there. If you cringe every time you drive into the driveway, it’s time for a change. If you want to be excited to return home, or you want it to your home to be noticed by those passing by, you need to start somewhere. The following ideas are simple, affordable, and guaranteed to look great, and add value to the home.

Update your lawn and gardens

Many homeowners don’t consider their gardens and lawn for adding value to the home, however, it's all about the aesthetics. The more attractive your property, the more valuable it is. If your lawn is looking a little drab, consider lawn seeds or even replacement grass. Back up this new greenery with gardens to suit — add some Australian natives to the mix, shrubs, and flowers to enhance the colors. You could even include a little lighting, stone pathways, and water features.

Paint the exterior

A few tins of paint go a long way when it comes to making your home look fresh and new! Cracked and peeling paint on the exterior of your property decreases the value, and let’s face it — it doesn’t look very inviting. You might choose bold colors to help your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, or you could stick to neutrals and simply have the home looking brighter.

Enhance your trimming

While you’re doing your painting, consider adding some bold accents to the front door, shutters, window trims, and wall trims. You want to stick to colors that complement the rest of the home, but don’t be afraid to choose something that stands out — such as royal blue or deep red. Just don’t overdo it.

Add decorative lighting

One of the most affordable ways you can update your home’s exterior is through decorative lighting. You don’t need to go overboard, but by adding some step lights, bollard or string lighting, uplights and downlights, or simply garden lights, you can draw attention to your newly designed landscaping. Not only that but having a garden that is lit up at night will also improve your home’s security.

Add a balcony

A balcony not only enhances the look of the home from the street, but it also enhances your view of the home itself. It gives you the space to sit and enjoy a morning cuppa watching the sunrise, entertaining friends with a summer barbecue, and simply allows you to escape the home and get some fresh air, without having to go anywhere. Things to consider include the materials for the building, the size of the balcony, as well as the style of the balustrade.

A bold new front door

First impressions make all the difference. Given that the front door is the first and main feature most people see when they look at your property, it makes sense that you have a front door that looks inviting. If your door is a little worse for wear, you might consider replacing it.

However, a fresh coat of paint could be all you need to add a little brightness to the home, and value. Interestingly, in the UK, it was found that one color, in particular, could enhance the property value by over $7,000. The color? Blue! While it might not be as common or sought after in Australia, it’ll certainly help your home to stand out, so why not give it a shot.

Freshen up your driveway

Like the front door, the driveway of your home is one of the first things people notice when they visit. If your driveway is looking worn out, it will reduce the home’s curb appeal, in turn decreasing the value.

Not only that, but cracked concrete can also impact the foundations of your home, depending on the driveway slope and whether rainwater can get underneath. Consider a range of options, such as using a mix of materials like gravel and grass, or shop around for decorative concrete options.

You don’t have to rebuild your home to change it. With these simple tips, you’ll be loving your space again in no time.

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