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In 2020, more businesses focused on their digital presence than ever before. For many, embracing or improving their digital strategy will decide their fate and continue to do so in 2021. Stay-at-home orders decimated long-standing channels such as trade shows and other live events, and savvy businesses reallocated these budgets to areas less sensitive to the restrictions. As a result, this shift has created new jobs and new opportunities for employees.

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of jobs and job skills — from data analysts to automation specialists, marketers skilled in online commerce, advertising, and content have surfaced to the top hiring positions within companies from the very small to Fortune 10.

1. Digital marketing specialists

Digital marketing specialists are marketers that specialize in marketing tactics deployed to the online landscape. Focused on social media, blogs, and email, these specialists are in high demand, and there is a lot of overlapping skillsets for any of these positions.

If you’re considering pursuing a digital marketer position, obtain certifications in automation applications such as Iterable, Hubspot, and Marketo for email, push, in-app push, and SMS marketing and Sprout Social or HootSuite for social media marketing.

In addition to extensive platform skills, digital marketing specialists need a strong marketing background. For experienced marketers, online courses and certifications can breathe new life into a waning career.

2. Online advertising specialists

With countless new advertising venues, online advertising specialists are experts at driving customer engagement using text, image, and multimedia advertising. In many cases, the specialist is supported by a content writer, though not always, so those with writing and bid strategy skills will have the most opportunities.

If you’re considering a job as an online advertising specialist, pursue certifications in search advertising and social media advertising.

3. Content writers

In marketing, conversions matter most — the number of leads (possible customers) that become customers (convert) is the final tally of a successful marketing campaign. Natural storytellers know — or make educated guesses — about what copy will resonate with an audience and entice them to become customers. When paired with sound ad strategies, engaging websites, and compelling calls to action are vital to marketing campaigns.

If you think you have what it takes to earn a living writing content, hone up on your language and writing skills, and go for the premium version of Grammarly — just in case.

4. Graphic designers

Engaging copy and imagery tell stories best. Graphic designers will continue to enjoy heightened demand in 2021 as companies seek messaging that makes their brand both authoritative and memorable.

Graphic design certifications are more easily attained by those with creative skills in photography, photo editing, illustration, and multimedia. Advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Figma will help your résumé stand out.

5. Marketing strategists

While a good marketing campaign can pay dividends in online orders and new customers, it can be hit or miss, especially at the beginning. Having a good strategy will leave less to chance as a business navigates a post-virus pivot.

Marketing strategists develop strategies for companies by identifying the messaging and creative concept that resonates with potential customers. If a marketing strategist seems like the right career choice for you, most companies desire a few years’ previous experience. Look for an entry-level position where you can learn hands-on.

6. Data analysts

Companies and their marketers know the importance of data. With careful tracking and analysis, they can discern online and offline consumer habits and traits. Content creators, marketers, designers, and others in the marketing department can use this information to create desirable, appealing content that meets the market’s needs.

You must be an expert in quantitative and qualitative skills to identify key market statistics, interpret findings, and help your colleagues in marketing understand what the metrics mean to the business. You will also analyze campaigns after they have been deployed, by modeling and graphing the efforts.

To pursue a career as a data analyst, you will need a degree, certification, or job experience in the field. You will also need certification in Google Analytics or other metrics-tracking tools.

7. CRM managers

CRM managers handle customer relationship data using Salesforce, Zoho, or CRM features of an automation application such as Hubspot. As a CRM manager, you will identify leads (potential customers) and audiences the marketing department will target with messaging by analyzing engagement history.

A CRM manager’s primary function is to maintain a database of customer data. In this role, experience with SQL is helpful, but not always required.

Top off your skills

2020 has disrupted the job market in ways never before seen by most of us, but with this disruption, new opportunities have emerged, and demand for creative talent is rising. Novice and experienced marketers alike are in demand, and with many working from home part-time, this is the time to pursue new certifications that will have recruiters taking notice. You can also search for free marketing classes or considering upskilling and doing a short-term course on Lynda or Udemy.

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