5 Supplements Every Freelancer Should Take To Stay Healthy

Luke Fitzpatrick


If you’re a freelance worker, you’re no stranger to living an irregular lifestyle. Like most freelancers, you probably experience fluctuations between busy periods of work and days that pass without changing out of your pajamas. You know those sleepless, coffee-fueled nights, and those weeks that pass without seeing sunlight.

Freelancing most certainly has its benefits, but it can also leave your body in a state of unrest. As a result, you might need to consider taking additional vitamins and supplements to stay healthy. Whether it’s for a poor diet, lack of sunlight, sleeplessness, or overthinking, here are five vitamins and supplements every freelancer should take to keep their body functioning well.

  • Vitamin C: To boost your immune strength.
  • Magnesium: For optimal body function and to prevent migraines.
  • Iron: To stay healthy if you’re not eating a good diet.
  • Vitamin D: For freelancers who don’t see much sun.
  • Melatonin: To help you sleep better at night.

Vitamin C

There are so many reasons why Vitamin C is important for freelancers. If you're not eating enough fresh fruit, you should consider taking supplements to keep your immune system functioning well. Vitamin C is also useful in preventing iron deficiency and easing high blood pressure, which is commonly linked to stress. It is also known to protect your memory and thinking capacity as you age, keeping your mind sharp for longer.


Magnesium has been shown to decrease the frequency of migraine attacks by 41.6%, making it a valuable supplement for freelancers who suffer lots of migraines and headaches. On top of that, magnesium is necessary for hundreds of bodily functions and metabolic processes. Your body needs this mineral to operate at its optimal level, so consider magnesium supplements as a form of biohacking. Magnesium has also been shown to ease symptoms of depression and reduce blood pressure.


Iron is important for keeping your body oxygenated and your immune system functioning at its best. Human bodies can't produce iron, so the only source is through our diet. If you're the kind of freelancer who binges on two-minute noodles and hasn't peeled a vegetable in months, you should seriously consider taking iron supplements to keep your cells healthy. This is especially important for vegetarians and vegans who may not be eating enough nuts, legumes, and other iron-rich foods.

Vitamin D

Freelancers who don’t see much sunlight should be taking Vitamin D supplements to keep their bodies healthy. Vitamin D is naturally produced by the skin when it's exposed to the sun and has several important functions in the body. It regulates the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus and keeps your immune system functioning well. If you're not the type to exercise much, Vitamin D also keeps your bones healthy and helps prevent osteoporosis. This vitamin has also been shown to help ease symptoms of depression and reduce your likelihood of catching the flu.


If you find yourself overthinking or too fuelled by coffee to sleep at night, you should consider taking melatonin. This is a hormone that naturally occurs in the body and helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Staring at a computer screen late into the night can decrease your body's production of melatonin, so taking supplements can be useful to prevent insomnia and help you get better sleep.

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