Hillbilly Hilariously Attempts to Fix a Leaking Water Line with “As Seen on TV” Flex Tape!

An Oklahoma Hillbilly hired us to help with some small jobs around his farm. The hillbilly insisted on sticking his nose in every job that would soon turn into a complete hillbilly disaster. This time he went too far in his attempts to help, he blindly cut into a interior, bathroom wall resulting in a cut a water line. He was insistent on fixing his blunder his own way, but his way was hillbilly way. We watched respectfully and patiently as he wrapped the water lines with a tape like material called Flex Tape. The hillbilly’s assistant turned on the main water valve and water sprayed here there and everywhere. The poor old hillbilly was hilariously put to shame by the, “as seen on TV” flex tape. He was a good sport and gladly stepped aside to have the pipes professionally repaired.

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