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Many believe America is a country run by people they have never heard of, and they may be correct.

Let's talk about a small town in Kansas named Russell. In 1923, the first oil well was discovered in Russell, attracting settlers from Oklahoma and Texas. Oil became a foundation for the town's economy for the coming few decades.

This oil boom made the Anschutz a very wealthy family. Today, I will talk about the richest man in the family. His net worth exceeds $10.9 billion, making him the 56th richest person in the world.

He doesn't want you to know him.

His name is Philip Anschutz. If you have never heard of him, don't be embarrassed. It is by design.

When people ask him about his wealth or business, he says, "That's not important. I don't want to talk about that. Let's discuss something else."

Who is Philip Anschutz?

Philip Anschutz is an American billionaire business owner who owns Anschutz Corp, a conglomerate that owns the world's largest sporting teams and events group. He was born on December 28, 1939, in Russell, Kansas. Anschutz's ancestors immigrated from Russia and moved to America, where they became successful in business.

His father was an oil tycoon.

His father was an oil magnate who owned many properties in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Philip Anschutz earned his finance degree from the University of Kansas in 1961.

After graduation, Anschutz bought his father's old drilling company and transformed it into one of the most profitable oil companies in the country. First, he sold half of his oil fields to Mobil for $500 million in 1982 and used the money to create many successful businesses.

He invested heavily in the entertainment business.

He used the company's profit to invest in stocks, railroads, and real estate. He continued buying and selling businesses until he created Regal Entertainment, which he sold in a public offering in 2002 but remained its majority shareholder.

Today Philip Anschutz has Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the world's largest owner of sports teams and venues. AEG owns a 27-acre entertainment complex in Los Angeles, with four U.S. sports teams and 12 arenas.

His holdings include the LA Galaxy soccer team, the LA Kings Hockey team, and many others. In addition, he owns luxury hotels, oil and gas assets, and venue management company ASM Global.

Anschutz is one of the biggest landowners in the country.

According to Yahoo, "Anschutz is currently the 22nd-largest individual landowner in the United States, with exceptionally large holdings around Los Angeles and Colorado."

Philip Anschutz gives a lot of money to conservative causes.

Through The Anschutz Foundation, he supports various community service, cultural, and arts groups.

In 2017, he donated $1,020,000 to two conservative organizations, Colorado Christian University and the Sky Ranch Christian camping organization. Many liberal groups criticized this decision.

He is married, has three kids, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

Have you heard about Philip Anschutz?

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