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The rich are not getting richer.

Earlier this year, Forbes announced its annual list of Forbes 400, which ranks the richest Americans by their net worths. The 400 richest Americans saw their combined wealth decrease by $500 billion from last year to $4 trillion.

Today, I will uncover the richest person in Jackson, Wyoming.

According to Forbes Magazine, three billionaires on the Forbes 400 consider Wyoming home. However, none of them is wealthier than John Mars. His net worth exceeds $37 billion, making her the 19th richest individual in the country.

Who is John Mars?

John Mars is the co-owner of Mars Inc., the world's biggest confectioner. John Mars was born on October 15, 1935. He graduated from the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, in 1953 and from Yale University. He owns one-third of Mars Inc., making him one of the richest people in the world.

The company is located in Virginia, and it's renowned for making candy (M&M's, Milky Way, Snickers), chewing gum (Orbit, Juicy Fruit), and pet chow (Pedigree, Whiskas). Today, Mars is one of the world's largest candy companies, with more than $40 billion in sales.

The Mars Story

More than 100 years ago, Frank C. Mars began selling candy.

In a small city in Minnesota, a young boy named Frank Mars contracted polio that prevented him from walking. However, his mother wanted to entertain him, so she introduced him to hand-dip chocolate, and he fell in love with the process and the end product.

In 1910, he had an excellent idea of selling buttercream candy bars from his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington. However, Frank moved to Minnesota and expanded his candy bar business ten years later, and he started to create the company that we know today.

Frank Mars married Ethel G. Kissack, a schoolteacher, in 1902 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. They had one son, Forrest Mars Sr., born in 1904.

The Milky Way chocolate bar was the company's first big hit.

In 1923, Frank Mars and his son Forrest Sr. created a new candy bar named Milky Way that was a great success. This success inspired them to move the company to Chicago. They wanted a centralized location with railroads, and Chicago was perfect.

Following his father's death, Forrest Mars took over the family business. Forrest Mars Sr. married Audrey Ruth Meyer and had three children, Forrest Jr., John, and Jacqueline.

John has three children, and no one knows his succession plan.

He is married to Adrienne Bevis. They have three children: Linda Anne Mars, Frank Edwards Mars, and Michael John Mars.

Three fun facts:

  1. According to Forbes, John and his wife Adrienne are huge supporters of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
  2. In March 2015, Queen Elizabeth II awarded him an honorary knighthood at Windsor Castle.
  3. Bloomberg reported that John Mars could buy 28.1 million troy ounces of gold and 658 million barrels of crude oil.

He and Jacqueline manage the Mars Foundation, which donates to environmental, educational, and health-related causes.

If you had his money, what causes would you support?

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