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5 Best Places to Visit in Detroit

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Most people are wrong about Detroit.

"Detroit" evokes thoughts of danger and crime for most people, but most people are wrong about Detroit.

When you say Detroit, many images come to people's minds: abandoned skyscrapers, empty warehouses, failing school systems, and more. However, most people that describe Detroit with these terms never visited Detroit.

The City is beautiful, has a lot of character, and is infused with a history that you can see, smell, and touch anytime you visit its downtown.

The following are the five places that I think you should see to shift your perspective about this great City. Of course, I can mention 100 sites, but five should be a great start.
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Monument to Joe Louis "The Fist"

"The Fist" is a great place to start your Detroit adventure because it has historical significance and is a magnificent piece of art.

1936, When Adolf Hitler was getting ready to raise his army to invade Europe, Detroiter Joe Louis lost a boxing match to the German boxer Maximilian Adolph Schmeling. Hitler used Maximilian's win as propaganda for his sick ideology.

However, in 1938, a rematch took place, and Joe Louis won the rematch. Joe Louis' victory elevated him as the first African American to become a national hero.

In 1986, Sports Illustrated Magazine was overflowing with pride, so they commemorated that fight by commissioned artist Robert Graham to design the imposing 8,000-lb., 24-foot fist and named it "Monument to Joe Louis."

Direction to Monument to Joe Louis "The Fist"

A quick Joe Louis first bump, then walk along Woodward into the City to see The Spirit of Detroit.
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The Spirit of Detroit

The "Spirit of Detroit" statue has been a beacon for Detroit pride since 1958.

The bronze monument sits on a 60-ton marble base in the heart of downtown Detroit. It's a captivating sculpture you won't want to miss. The seated figure holds a family in one hand and a shining sphere in the other.

It is a symbolic icon of the strength and resiliency of Detroit.

Sculptor Marshall Fredericks created the piece in the late 1950s to represent the spirit of the City. When Fredericks finished it, the 26-foot bronze sculpture was the largest cast statue made anywhere in the world since the Renaissance.

Direction to The Spirit of Detroit.

Once you see The Spirit of Detroit, keep going on Woodard until you see the Detroit Historical Museum.
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Detroit Historical Museum

On the corner of Kirby and Woodward, the Detroit Historical Museum features a group of signature exhibits that tells Detroit's story.

It narrates the history of Detroit, from cobblestone roads to 19th-century shops to the auto assembly line to fur trading in the 18th century to Motown music to Detroit's evolution as a dominant industrial hub and the Automobile Capital of the World.

Detroit Historical Museum gives you a glimpse of how culture, commerce, and manufacturing interacted to create the history of this great City.

Direction to Detroit Historical Museum
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Detroit Masonic Temple

Once you understand the history of the City, visit Detroit Masonic Temple. It has been a Detroit landmark since 1926.

This can be a great adventure, whether you're interested in Masonic structures or are completely unfamiliar with them.

Detroit Masonic Temple is a historic site in an incredible location. According to the temple website, "The temple has the second largest stage in North America." It accommodates awards shows, weddings, or any other event that you like to have.

The history and artistry of this temple are amazing. The attention to detail is unlike any other site I have visited.

Direction to Detroit Masonic Temple
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Motown Museum

The Museum is the beating heart of the unique Motown heritage.

It is a destination that brings together people and concepts from different generations and simultaneously honors the past and future.

When you visit the Museum, the experience transports you into a period of musical charm. From the instant you walk through the door, you'll be met with the voices of Motown and a deep sense of history.

Direction to Motown Museum

Detroit has a lot of wonderful places and incredible history to experience. However, I started with these five locations to introduce you to the City's depth of history.

You can visit these five places in one day. So enjoy them, and I will cover more locations soon.

Have you visited any of these locations?

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