Nick Kyrgios Is Unscripted, Unfiltered and Unmissable

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Love or hate him. Nick Kyrgios brings something unique to Wimbledon and the tennis world!

Kyrgios is a big, talented Australian Tennis player known for his antics and psychological warfare. He is an outspoken, charismatic bad boy who shows little respect for the game's history.

Last week, after a fierce clash at Wimbledon, Nick Kyrgios and his opponent Stefanos Tsitsapis were fined for swearing and unsportsmanlike conduct, respectively, for the second time in two weeks.

  1. Kyrgios was fined $10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct in his first-round Wimbledon victory for spitting toward a spectator that heckled him.
  2. In the third round, Kyrgios was fined another $4,000 for swearing during the match against Stefanos Tsitsipa. After he didn't like a call from the line, Judge. Kyrgios lit into umpire Dumusois, demanding that the line judge be removed.

His erratic behavior is both loved and loathed at the same time.

He intimidates his opponent and rattles their concentration. He forces the guy across the court to think about the drama rather than his game.

He still plays at a world-class level while disrespecting his opponents. He says statements like, "Win or lose, I don't give a crap" (the censored version) in the middle of the match."

Should Kyrgios be allowed to disrespect others?

The short answer is, No.

I think Kyrgios is a clever man who knows how to market himself. He is a rough diamond in a tennis world where everyone acts and talks the same. He appeals to big brands and understands how to make money on and off the court.

"The media loves to write that I am bad for the sport, but clearly not. Everywhere I go, I'm seeing full stadiums." Nick Kyrgios.

He is the ticking time bomb who fills stadiums and has a large following. He is Wimbledon's biggest nightmare and a blessing at the same time. He is hard to watch but impossible to ignore.

Kyrgios knows his value to the game and realizes that sports careers don't last forever. So, he is looking to the future and branding himself into an income once he finishes playing.

Marshawn Lynch did that as well. He was an interesting media personality who refused to say much.

Marshawn Lynch was like Kyrgios, a marketing genius.

Lynch was silent in interviews but deadly on the field.

The NFL fined Marshawn Lynch multiple times for violating the NFL's media policy.

Throughout his career, Lynch refused to talk to the media and focused on playing football. His relentless focus earned him a lot of branding deals off the field, the "Beast Mode" nickname on the field, and multiple fines with the NFL.

He used to repeat the same statements repeatedly, "I'm just here, so I don't get fined," and, "You know why I'm here."

Beast Mode apparel brand

Today, Marshawn Lynch is the chief brand ambassador for the NFL Players Association.

In 2021, Lynch became BetMGM brand ambassador. "Being part of the BetMGM family is dope and an honor. They're the leaders in online gaming, so I'm excited to learn about the industry from the best and find ways where I can have an impact." Not too bad for a player who said little while playing.

A year earlier, Sports merchandising player Fanatics Inc struck a multi-year agreement with Lynch's Beast Mode apparel brand. The deal gives Fanatics the right to sell the Beast Mode brand online, while Lynch's team maintains the right to operate it in their physical stores in Oakland and Seattle.

He also struck a deal with Skittles while playing football and many more deals.

Andre Agassi, "Image is everything."

Andre Agassi is well-known for many things, including long hair, flashy clothes, dating life, and more.

Unlike other players in his era, Agassi became a well-known name outside of the tennis world as he achieved somewhat mainstream celebrity status. This status made him a magnet for many brands.

Early in his career, he became a brand spokesperson for Canon. In one of the commercials, he stepped out of a white jeep, lowered his sunglasses, and uttered three words, "Image is everything." These words became his blueprint for everything he did.

Agassi turned pro in 1986 and signed his first deal with Nike in 1988. He stayed with Nike until 2005, when he signed a deal with Adidas.

He continued to strike marketing deals after his retirement. In 2012, Agassi signed a deal with Jacob's Creek, the Australian wine brand, and many other deals.

Nick Kyrgios is a dream and a nightmare for Wimbledon

As you can see, Kyrgios is not the first player who used his personality to establish himself as a magnet for marking deals during and after his career.

Kyrgios knows he is an extremely gifted player with what it takes to succeed on and off the court. He enjoys his role as the game's great outcast who is not afraid to work, live and play differently than any other player.

He sells the idea that the tennis world is against me. When he loses, he points fingers at everyone in the world. When he wins, he sells it as "I won against all odds."

On Twitter, Wimbledon social media team described him in three words, "Unscripted. Unfiltered. Unmissable." Fans responded, "Love or hate Kyrgios, you can't help but watch."

Nick is absolutely brilliant.

As a player, Kyrgios is an intriguing entertainer personality who sells tickets.

A friend of mine, an avid tennis fan, told me that Kyrgios would be the best tennis player in the world if only he cared about tennis. I think Kyrgios cares about tennis, but he cares about his bad-boy image just as much.

Wimbledon has a strict uniform policy stating, "All players are expected to wear white attire when entering, playing, and leaving the court at Wimbledon." Kyrgios refuses to abide by this strict policy

I just like wearing my Jordans.

He enters and exits the Centre Court with a red hat and shoes, and many fans take exception to Kyrgios' attire on the court.

One reporter attempted to ask Kyrgios about the attire change, "Why would you walk onto the Centre Court and put bright red trainers on and do an interview in a bright red cap?"

Kyrgios replied, "Because I do what I want." The reporter pushed back, asking, "So you're above the rules?" Kyrgios said, "No, I am not above the rules. I just like wearing my Jordans. I'll wear white tomorrow."

His answer tells me he knows Nike will pay more to keep him as a brand ambassador, and the Jordan brand is richer because of his marketing brilliance.

He has many raving fans.

Kyrgios brings an element of gamesmanship that we don't attribute to tennis.

His raving fans believe Kyrgios is a break from the robotic players of today but still would like him to control his temper a little more. However, his fans and critics agree on one thing: Kyrgios has a future off and on the court.

Kyrgios endorsement deals include Nike, IMG, Yonex, Beats, and Global Sporting Connections. This list is about to be a lot longer.

Have you watched any of Kyrgios games?

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