Murfreesboro, TN

Murfreesboro, the fastest growing city in Tennessee

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Just 35 miles south of downtown Nashville, there is a medium-sized city called Murfreesboro, and it is becoming one of the fastest cities in the country.

While some cities are still struggling with high unemployment rates and low economic growth, Murfreesboro is growing fast. More than 141,450 people live in Murfreesboro, and more people are moving to the city every day.

If you like the outdoors, there are more than 40 miles of greenway trails throughout Murfreesboro, and if you want to be more social, the city has a great downtown with breweries, restaurants, theatres, employment opportunities, and plenty of shopping.

Murfreesboro is America's top 'Boomtown.'

According to SmartAsset, Murfreesboro is the fastest-growing city in Tennessee and the country.

How did Murfreesboro rank as one of the fast-growing cities in the nation?

SmartAsset revealed that Murfreesboro is the fastest-growing city in the U.S. and the fastest-growing in Tennessee. This determination was made by looking at the most recent available data for 500 of the largest cities across the following seven metrics:

  1. Population change: The population grew 19.26% in the last five years.
  2. Unemployment rate: Murfreesboro has a labor force of 85,002 people, with an unemployment rate of 2.6%.
  3. Change in the unemployment rate: The unemployment rate improves every year.
  4. GDP growth rate: It has an annualized GDP growth rate above 3.71% over the past three years, placing Murfreesboro in the top 1% of cities in the United States.
  5. Business growth: Murfreesboro has large numbers of elite companies. Some of the biggest companies in the area are National Healthcare Services, Middle Tennessee State University, Cannon County Knitting Mills Inc., etc.
  6. Housing growth: The number of housing units grew 21.15% in the last five years.
  7. Change in household income: The city's median household income exceeds $62,003.

Murfreesboro checks all the boxes for what people look for in any city: proximity to a large city, safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks, great schools, lakes, playgrounds, walking trails, and large gathering areas.

Would you live in Murfreesboro?

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