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The richest woman in Colorado

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This billionaire uses her wealth to impact elections.

Last May, Forbes announced its annual list Forbes 400, which ranks the richest Americans by their net worths. The 400 richest Americans saw their combined wealth increase 40% over the last year, to $4.5 trillion. Nearly all are wealthier than the previous year.

Today, I will uncover the richest woman in Fort Collins, Colorado.

One of these billionaires is Patricia Stryker. Her net worth exceeds $3.4 billion, making her the 340th richest individual in the country.

Who is Patricia Stryker?

Patricia Stryker is an American billionaire businesswoman, philanthropist, and political activist.

She is the granddaughter of and an heir to the fortune of Dr. Homer Stryker, founder of the medical device company Stryker Corporation. Her father, Lee Stryker, died seven years after taking control of his father's company while flying his plane in Wyoming, leaving behind three children.

She inherited one-third of her grandfather's company.

Patricia was 20 at the time of her father's death, her sister Ronda was 22, and her brother Jon was 18. Each inherited one-third of the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from 1998.

In 1999, Patricia bought and rebuilt Sonoma Vineyards before selling it in 2016. In 2001, she founded the Bohemian Foundation. The foundation impacts communities through its grant-making programs and special initiatives. It focuses on four program areas: community programs, civic programs, music programs, and global programs.

She is a big supporter of progressive causes.

In the past two decades, she has become a philanthropist and made a name for herself by funding Democratic politicians and progressive causes.

Since 2004, Stryker donated to liberal causes, fought against gerrymandering, and promoted progressive initiatives across the country. In 2016, Stryker donated $1.5 million to Priorities USA Action, a Super PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Her checkbook and connections have helped to swing Colorado from red to blue. Stryker is divorced, with three children, and lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The history behind the brand.

In 1941, Dr. Homer Stryker created Stryker Corporation.

Dr. Homer Stryker was a brilliant doctor from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who was unsatisfied with the state of certain medical products, so he created new ones. When more doctors started to order his new products, he started The Orthopedic Frame Company.

One year later, Dr. Homer invented Wedge Turning Frame begins, which permitted caregivers to turn patients with severe back injuries while keeping the spine immobilized.

In 1955, Dr. Stryker's son, Lee, became the Company's General Manager. Three years later, the company sales exceeded $1 million. After Dr. Stryker retired from the company, Lee changed the company's name to Stryker Corporation.

Lee Stryker died in a plane crash in 1976.

When Lee Stryker died in a plane crash in 1976, the company was left without a CEO or a clear heir to its leadership. The board hired John W. Brown, who proved to be one of the country's best CEOs.

Today, the company revenue exceeded $14.4 billion.

If you had her money, what causes would you support?

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