Biden sets vax deadline for employers

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You have 60 days to get vaccinated or lose your job.

Today, President Joe Biden announced that employers have until Jan 4. to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated or tested regularly. His statement stated the following, "Today, the Labor Department issued its rule requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for companies with 100 or more employees. So, if you work for one of these companies, you will either need to get vaccinated or test at least weekly."

This new rule impacts 100 million American workers or 66 % of the total workforce. However, president Joe Biden asserted that "Vaccination requirements are good for the economy." However, many economists, politicians, and business leaders disagree, citing many examples in the public and private sectors.

Sen. Bill Hagerty disagrees with President Biden stating that Biden's vaccine mandate is killing our economy and hurting workers, "We should not damage America's economy by forcing citizens to choose between their jobs and personal freedom." He adds, "Thousands of Americans experienced this first-hand a few weeks ago when Southwest Airlines — one of the nation's largest carriers — canceled thousands of flights amid employee backlash over its vaccine mandate."

It is clear to me that vaccine mandates don't work well. How do I know?

I manage a health department, and I can tell you two things, science works, and vaccines mandate do not.

Americans value their freedom as much they value their lives. For example, 9,000 New York city employees chose to be on unpaid leave than getting vaccinated last week. In addition, thousands of firefighters called out sick to protest the mandate.

City of New York fire commissioner Daniel Nigro is panicking, "Firehouses remained open, but 18 of 350 units were out of service and "many units are understaffed." This is scary, so the mandate is not only horrible for the economy, is detrimental to our public safety. Unfortunately, when you ask American workers to get vaccinated or lose their job, many will choose to lose their jobs.

Sen. Bill Hagerty considers the vaccine mandate a threat to our economy, public safety. He also adds another dimension, "Consider a senior citizen who needs assistance with her Social Security check but cannot get it because there are no call center employees available." Is the vaccine mandating forcing us to abandon our senior citizens?

A contributor to The Hill, Liz Peek, paints a darker picture than Sen. Bill Hagerty, "We have exactly one serious economic problem in this country Today: not enough Americans are working. But, unfortunately, the president's vaccine mandate is making the problem worse."

Shortly after President Biden's mandate, "The Job Creators Network, filed a lawsuit on behalf of several businesses in federal appeals court seeking to block the requirements from going into effect."

Alfredo Ortiz did not hold back, saying, "The Biden Administration's vaccine mandate is illegal and will have a devastating impact on our small business community and our entire economy."

We are witnessing employees shortage everywhere, and the vaccine mandate will make it worse. The vaccine mandate is forcing people out of the workforce rather than urging them to come back in. This issue is especially troubling for high-touch industries such as nurses, teaches, restaurant workers, and so on.

I'm really worried about our health care sector because they are already struggling to serve all patients.

According to USA Today, "There are about 17 million health care workers across 76,000 hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities to get fully immunized by Jan. 4." I'm focusing on health care workers because other employees will have another option, get vaccinated or submit weekly COVID-19 tests.

In your opinion, should the president mandate employees to be vaccinated?

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