This Treehouse in California Will Blow Your Mind

Louise Tuck

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of living in a treehouse. There’s something so magical about a secret hiding place in the trees, where you can spend hours playing make believe, and anything is possible. I never ended up with my own treehouse, but our neighbors had one hidden deep in the woods behind our crescent and I was obsessed with it. Our parents always knew they could find us tucked away back there.

Unfortunately, life goes on, our neighbors moved away and I outgrew that treehouse. It fell into disrepair and last time I saw it, it wasn’t nearly as magical as I remembered.

But there is a bit of a happy ending here…

Last summer I discovered my dream home hidden deep in the forests of Shasta County, California. The only place I’ve ever found perfect solitude is in this cabin. The peace and quiet you’ll find here is absolutely unmatched. Its truly my favorite staycation destination and I hope it will help you escape from the world too.

So what is this place called?
It’s name is The Treehouse A-Frame and you can actually book it directly from their website or on Airbnb.

We discovered it while making the epic road trip from Seattle to San Francisco and it was honestly love at first sight. Firstly, if you’ve never been to Shasta County, add it to your bucket list now! It’s located 4 hours from San Francisco and is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway from the city. We were stunned by the miles of remote wilderness, incredible lake views and peaceful silence which surrounded us. I honestly wish I had packed a few more books for our road trip, but I never imagined I’d find myself in a place as serene as this on our go-go-go road trip where we were trying to fit a million things in.

As for my lack of books, The Treehouse A-Frame owners were prepared. This place houses shelves and shelves of books to choose from, including a heart-warming coffee table photo book of the owners themselves who documented their visit of every single national park in the USA with their cat! Adorable.

Things you should know before your visit:

While the A-Frame is equipped with hi-speed wifi, I highly recommend you go with the intention of unplugging from the outside world. Your experience will truly be that much better if you can put the phone down.

Our suggestions:

  • Watch the sun rise with a hot cup of coffee from the porch
  • Go for a walk in the woods, the lake is easily accessible from the cabin
  • Watch an old movie or two, the owners have left behind a great collection
  • Read a book (do it!)

Don’t expect to be ordering takeout or dining at any nearby restaurants. There is honestly nothing nearby. BUT this is a good thing, as long as you prepare ahead of time. The kitchen is fully equipped with pots and pans and utensils for making home-cooked meals so you can whip yourself up a hot breakfast in the morning. Do your grocery shopping on the way and you will be good to go. The owners also left us a generous selection of hot beverages like tea and coffee, which was great.

Exploring nearby Shasta Lake is the best way to spend your days out here. Its crystal blue waters are absolutely mesmerizing on a sunny day. You can swim, boat, fish, paddle board or just have a picnic down by the water. The lake is also known for its houseboat rentals and if you’ve got a crew, it’s a great way to spend a day or two on the water.

A few nearby highlights that you should check out if you’ve got the time:

  • Burney Falls hike, an impressive 129-foot waterfall that Roosevelt called “the eighth wonder of the world”.
  • Sundial Bridge, an impressive architectural feat that stretches across the Sacramento River. It’s the largest sundial in the world, so if you’re into checking things off your bucket list, this is a great one.
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park. Never heard of it? Neither had we, but it’s the year for exploring new places close to home and when can you say was the last time you hiked up a still-active volcano? Don’t worry, it last blew its top in 1914 and there hasn’t been much activity since then.
  • Shasta Lake Dam, the 2nd largest concrete dam in the country.
  • Shasta Lake Caverns, accessible only by guided boat tour. Explore millions of years worth of history inside this fascinating underground world.

Shasta County is beautiful and we honestly wished we had more time to experience everything but can’t wait for our next trip to the Treehouse and a return to complete solitude.

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