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Glendale, CA

Get Gorgeous Shots Captured By One And Only Gasparian Photography!

We first found an event planner for my sister's wedding, and now our next task was to find a photographer. I took the job of hunting one. I started messaging every single photographer I came across to know their rates. Unfortunately, the rates were too high according to our budget. I was about to finalize a photographer even though it was exploding my budget. However, when I shared this with my colleague, she suggested I try Gasparian photography. I talked to them, and I was so glad to know their affordable rates. They aim to provide professional photography at rates anyone can afford. Next, when I went through their photo gallery, I knew they are the ones and booked them instantly for the event. They were the first to reach the event and did a fantastic shoot. They had some up-to-date cameras along with top-notch accessories. I was astonished to see them shoot with the newest cameras. They satisfied my sister and all of our family. Be it candids, or groups the photographers captured every shot nicely. They were cooperative even with the fussy girls and crying children, which was commendable. They not only captured each of the poses made by the people perfectly, but they also suggested new poses. The snaps were creatively captured, expressing a bit of emotion, fun, and love. They created a memory for us that would last even longer. Even now, when we look back, we can't get over the gorgeous photography they did that day.

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