Experience A Funny Time-Travelling Experience At Back In Times Escape Rooms!

Last weekend my wife and I went to the Back in time Escape room. My wife had already booked our time slot and escape room from their website. The place had six rooms, and we did the Henzo room. The basic idea of each room was that we had to travel in time to find an item that can only be seen by putting the clues together.

Firstly, we were explained a bit about what was about to happen in the room and what we should expect from it. After that, they took us to a room where we saw a 2 min video explaining our mission. Then, it was the action time as we moved into the escape room. We had a tablet that showed us the amount of time remaining and could also show us a clue if we get stuck. The room was well thought out, and we had a lot of fun in the room. We have visited quite a few escape rooms, but the idea behind back in time Escape rooms is the best of all.

Lastly, to conclude our visit, we had to take a group photo with a plaque that stated some words. I got the “ Nailed It!” plaque while my wife got the “ Still totally confused?” plaque. It was indeed one of the most fantastic escape rooms that we’ve ever been to. We had a splendid experience at Back In Time Escape rooms, and it was wonderful to work as a team and go past a fun as well as a severe challenge.

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