Let The World Of Art Unfold At The Los Angeles County Museum of Art!

It had been more than one year since I hadn’t visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and I was itching for it to reopen so that I can see it. Pre-covid era, I used to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art every month, but due to covid, it had been quite a while since I went there, so once it got re-opened, I decided to visit it ASAP. The museum was neat and clean as ever, and You have to sanitize yourself and have your masks on to enter the museum. The Resnick Pavilion was open at the museum, and it was a great relief because I suspected that it might be closed. Moreover, the exhibitions were not as organized as they usually are, but we shouldn’t be complaining, given the times we are going through. My favorite exhibit at the museum was Fiji: Life and Art in the Pacific; make sure to visit it. It was brilliant to see and get to know about the Pacific Islander culture, especially Fiji, so I liked it the most. Lastly, the ground was also open for people along with Urban Light and Levitated mass. I was glad to have visited the museum at last after such a long time and visit Los Angeles County Museum of Art if you want to see a classic Art exhibition.

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