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Threats Investigated at Santa Monica & Saint Monica High Schools

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On Monday, December 6th at 8:15 pm, the Santa Monica Police Department posted a tweet about a threat to Saint Monica High School, the threat was posted online and during their investigation, they found out the post originated towards Elk Grove High School located in Northern California. There is deemed to be no threat towards the school at this time and to resume normal school activity. The Santa Monica Police Department has increased patrols in the area of Saint Monica's High School.

At approximately 7:00 am Monday, the Santa Monica High School received reports of a threat posted online by a student. The student posted images of weapons as well as stated that they'll "blow up" the school with homemade bombs. The school security along with the Santa Monica Police Department and the parents of the students were notified immediately of the situation. The Santa Monica Police Department searched the residence alongside any vehicles that the family owns. The student was removed from campus and the necessary measurements have been taken at this time says the school. At this time, the Santa Monica High School administration has deemed no threat to the school at this time and is to resume normal school activity. The school was in session as normal and started at 8:30 am as usual although many students did not attend school due to the threat.

A tweet from the SMMUSD stated that Santa Monica High School is safe following an alleged threat by a student. The student has been removed from campus and the Santa Monica Police Department is investigating. The student was stopped at the 7th & Michigan gate and was then escorted into the security room on campus to be questioned, the parents of the student were also called to speak with officers and school officials about the situation. The school said that the parents were cooperating with the investigation and allowed officers to search their residences and vehicles for any weapons. The student was also searched of their belongings and their vehicle. None of the searches turned up for weapons or any other criminal items. The subject has been released to their parents and a report was taken for further investigation. At this time the subject is not being charged. The subject has been removed from the campus and school officials are taking the appropriate measures given the situation.

At this time the Santa Monica Police Department has deemed the two incidents are not related to each other. If you have any information related to any of the two incidents, you are urged to contact the Santa Monica Police Department. The Santa Monica Police Department also stated that if you see something then say something. You can also provide anonymous information through the wetip hotline at or by phone at 1-800-78-CRIME.

As of Tuesday, the school has begun to offer mental health services to those affected by the threat. Superintendent Dr. Drati said the following in a statement to the public.

This has been an extremely difficult year for everyone — for teachers, students, families, and our staff,” he said. “The stress and anxiety of still being in a pandemic, along with last week’s tragic school shooting in Michigan has worn many of us down and heightened concerns across the country. Our mental health services staff, along with school psychologists, outside support agency partners, and other support staff is working with many students and families during this difficult time and we recognize that more are struggling and need support. We encourage you to consider our webpage focused on Mental Health and Community Resources that may be helpful to students, staff, and parents.

On Thursday at around 12:30 pm Principle Antonio Shelton made an announcement to students stating that there is an increased presence of police officers on and around campus. Dr. Shelton also clarified rumors that had been going around and stated that "the student was stopped at the 7th & Michigan gate by security and 2 house principles. They waited there until I arrived, we discussed what was happening and when the Santa Monica Police Department arrived, I and the Santa Monica Police Department escorted the student to the security room to further discuss the situation." The principal also stated that the student never attended any classes on campus and that the student was never on campus without being near school security or the Santa Monica Police Department. He also stated that the student's vehicle was searched as well as the student's belongings. The officers also went to the student's household after being picked up by their older brother.

I spoke to one parent who told me that "My child is now traumatized because of this, the school should've done something about this sooner."

As of Friday, we noticed that the information provided in a press release as well as statements from the district and the principal regarding the incident of when officers arrived at the school, the official police report says 8:00 am which would be near the start of school which would more than likely mean the student was on campus due to the fact that many students arrive early to hang with friends. The principal of the school stated that the police arrived at 7:00 am to meet with him about the incident. There are no official reports of the officers arriving at the Santa Monica High School at 7:00 am according to the police department's call logs. At around 8:00 am is when call logs show police activity at the school. Witnesses that we spoke to also stated that they saw the individual on campus, although the school has denied that the student was ever on campus. The student's identity has not been released due to privacy concerns.

District statement:

Santa Monica Police tweet about neither being related:

Santa Monica Police tweet about St. Monica High Threat:

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