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16 Best Restaurants In Sheboygan Wisconsin

Lori Helke

Welcome to Sheboygan, Wisconsin! 

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Sheboygan WI, you’ve come to the right place. This article will reveal some of the top-rated restaurants in town, from classic breakfast spots to imaginative dinner restaurants. I include both casual and fine dining options that are sure to please all palates. So look at my picks and plan your next meal out, whether you are camping at Kohler Andrae State Park, visiting one of Sheboygan’s beaches, or checking out the new Kohler Arts Preserve – it’s time to explore Sheboygan’s wonderful culinary scene.

Being a local, I feel like I have been to nearly every restaurant in Sheboygan. I’ve lived here my whole life, and it is with great pride to say that I am loving how Sheboygan has transformed into this food lover’s paradise within the last decade or so.

I include the addresses and phone numbers of each restaurant. I do not include hours, because with staff shortages and seasonal hours, open times are subject to change. Always double check by calling, checking out the business Facebook page or website for exact hours. 

Let’s look at the 16 best restaurants in Sheboygan WI

But first…

What are the 3 most popular restaurants in Sheboygan?

This one is hard to narrow down. There are so many fantastic choices if you’re looking for a culinary experience in Sheboygan. According to Trip Advisor the top three restaurants are Lino Ristorante Italiano, Il Ritrovo, and Trattoria Stefano. Curiously all three are Italian. 

Lino Ristorante Italiano

The star of this restaurant (besides the food) is the very charming owner, Lino Autiero. If he is in the house, he will captivate you. Ask him about his long and successful career in the restaurant business and he will give you an animated account of how he came to open up Lino Ristorante Italiano on South Pier in Sheboygan.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

It’s like taking a magic carpet ride – the aromas and flavors of the dishes take you to an exotic location, with the scenery and people of Italy just over the horizon. You will want to savor your surroundings and every morsel of your meal. 

It’s nearly impossible to recommend any one dish, drink, or dessert. I’m a scallop fan, so I choose scallops on a bed of creamy risotto for my main course. Dining at Lino’s is an experience!

Reservations recommended. Phone: 920-457-5200 $$$
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

Il Ritrovo

I have shouted the praises of Il Ritrovo to anyone who will listen to me. I LOVE pizza and could probably eat it every single day. And that folks is why I love this restaurant located right on 8th Street in Sheboygan. The pizza here isn’t just your average pizza. Il Ritrovo became the 5th VPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) Certified restaurant in the US in 2000. This means all their pizzas go into a special wood fired dome stove (a piece of artwork itself) and baked for a short time at an extremely high temperature. They must make the dough from a special unprocessed Italian wheat flour. They also ship in San Marzano tomatoes and Bufala mozzarella.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

Does that raise your curiosity?

My favorite pizza is Boscaiola, which is topped with truffle and mozzarella cheese, rosemary, pancetta, and mushrooms. 

There is also a variety of other options. Pasta, panini, salads, antipasti, but I’ll admit I always have pizza when I am here!

They also offer a gluten-free crust for $5. 

515 South 8th Street Phone: 920-803-7156 $$

Photo byLori Loves Adventure

Trattoria Stefano

This is upscale Italian dining at its finest. Patrons come from near and far (I have heard of people making a special trip from Chicago) to eat at Stefano Viglietti’s first Sheboygan restaurant. Stefano currently operates this and two other Sheboygan Restaurants. Il Ritrovo, which I mentioned above and Field To Fork. Also, the newly opened downtown food market, Stefano’s Slo Food Market. 

Photo byVisit Sheboygan

Trattoria Stefano was opened in 1994 in a picturesque brick building built in 1892 and on the Wisconsin Register of Historical Buildings

They make the classic Italian dishes from locally sourced fresh Wisconsin ingredients along with specially sourced ingredients from Italy.

On Wednesdays they offer a small plate menu along with the regular menu

This is the perfect spot for that unforgettable special dinner.

Reservations recommended.

522 South 8th Street Phone: 920-452-8455 $$$

What Food is Sheboygan known for?

We know Sheboygan for the brat served on a classic Sheboygan hard roll. No hot dog or brat bun, that is the ultimate faux pas! Just Google Sheboygan Brat and everyone and their mother has jumped on the Sheboygan brat bandwagon. I’m here to tell you, no one does it better than Sheboygan!

Sly’s Midtown Salooon & Grill

If you want a traditional brat plate, look no farther that Sly’s Midtown Salooon & Grill. A double brat served on a Sheboygan hard roll with a dollop of potato salad and a pot of beans topped with a pat of butter. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never added butter to my beans before and was in awe of how tasty it made them. You bite into that sizzling brat and feel the crack of the skin followed by the juicy seasoned inside. Yum!

Photo byLori Loves Adventure

A side note: Sly’s uses brats from a popular Sheboygan meat market called Miesfelds. Miesfelds is a Sheboygan institution. If you’re looking to stock up your freezer or to grill out a tasty steak, stop in at their market at 4811 Venture Drive. The location is great, right off of I-43. 

Anyway, getting back to Sly’s.

I have not tried this YET, but Sly’s is known for their breakfasts. The go to item, I’m told from many locals, is the Hangover Burger. They serve breakfast every day from 7am-11am.

508 North 8th Street Phone: 920-783-6644 $

The rest of the “must-try” restaurants in Sheboygan


Field To Fork

Another one of Stefano Vigliette’s restaurants, Field To Fork is connected to Il Ritrovo and has a cafe vibe. You walk in and you immediately hear the welcome sound of glasses clinking and lively conversation. There’s two levels with the upstairs being quieter. This is a farm to table place serving fresh menu items. I enjoy the fluffy 3 egg Chefs Omelet, or Quiche with Greens. It’s always bustling here for both breakfast and lunch. If you’re looking for a healthy option, give Field To Fork a try. 

511 South 8th Street Phone: 920-694-0322 $$
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

Harry’s Diner
Photo byVisit Sheboygan

Harry’s Diner has two locations in Sheboygan, so you know it’s a popular place. A classic 50s diner atmosphere complete with a life-sized Elvis (the perfect selfie op), you walk in and are taken in by the black and white checked wall, the red and gray vinyl chairs and the poodle skirt wearing servers. It’s definitely a fun spot. The menu has everything. Skillets, breakfast burritos, omelets, yummy crepes, and pancakes. Try the Flat Breakfast, two scrambled eggs with sauce, cheese, and tomato served on toasted pita bread. 

2504 Calumet Drive Phone 920-458-5200


Harry’s Diner Interstate 4024 WI Hwy 42 Phone:920-459-4530 $
Photo byVisit Sheboygan

Seeboth Delicatessen

This friendly cafe with deli case for grab and go is a perfect breakfast spot in downtown Sheboygan. They serve fabulous omelets, but the famous dish is the Breakfast Tot-Chos. 

What is a Tot-Cho?
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

The breakfast Tot-Cho is two eggs done your way, bacon crumbles, and a special creamy three cheese sauce, all over crispy tater tots. Oh yeah! it’s a delectable and (extremely) satisfying start to a day. 

Seeboth Delicatessen is your friendly neighborhood spot. Oh, and grab a chocolate chip cookie, which is lovingly referred to by my fellow travel writers as being “as big as your head!”

1501 South 8th Street Phone: 920-453-0142 $


Local Press Eaterly

Another popular lunch place is Local Press Eatery. They feature their own special twist on the classic burger like the Figalicious, a burger topped with fig jam, prosciutto, deep fried goat cheese, and greens.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

You can also get panini and sandwiches like my favorite not only for its name, but its taste, the Mother Clucker. Its fried crispy buttermilk chicken topped with zesty slaw, cheese, bacon, chipotle mayo, and toped with an avocado slice. The chicken is tender and juicy and the slaw, mayo, and avocado adds a flavor explosion in your mouth. 

502 South 8th Street Phone: 920-287-7338 $$

Stefano Slo Food Market

Earlier I mentioned the newest addition to Stefano’s eateries in Sheboygan, Slo Food Market. This is mostly a downtown grocery store that carries produce, wine, a meat counter, and a coffee bar with delectable sweet treats. Why I mention it here is because they have a hot case for takeout meals that is always changing. To find out what’s in the hot deck weekly, follow along on the Facebook page. I’ve had grilled vegetables and stuffed squash from the counter. They have a window bar where you can sit and enjoy you drink and food. It’s a unique place and located just around the corner from Field To Fork and Il Ritrovo.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

731 Pennsylvania Avenue. Phone: 920-287-7128

Parker Johns BBQ

If you’re looking for the best BBQ this side of Kansas City, Parker Johns is your place. I may be a little biased because Parker Johns BBQ was born in my little town close to Sheboygan. They have since branched out to four other locations, with another set to open this year. They also have a stand at Road America, so even race fans can get their BBQ.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

I have been to Parker Johns so many times I’ve lost count!

Along with BBQ they also have pizza. I always go back and forth between the Pulled Pork dinner and the Smokehouse Mac Bake. Don’t forget to order a side of cheese curds!

What I love about the Sheboygan location is the ample seating and that it’s right on the riverfront, so it’s amazing to sit out on the deck in summer and watch the boats go by.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

Oh, and they have excellent Bloody Mary too!

705 Riverfront Drive Phone: 920-453-0299 $$

Toy’s Restaurant

Our next eatery is a Thai restaurant. Toy’s Restaurant serves classic dishes like Pad Thai, Singapore Noodles, and a delicious Pho. Generous portions at inexpensive prices ($7.95 for the Pad Thai), you’ll want to come back and try everything. 

If you like ginger, try the Pad Ginger!
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

1229 North 8th Street Phone: 920-452-2233 $


Black Pig
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

“Comfort food with a twist” is how they describe the food at Black Pig. Walking into the Black Pig is what I picture walking into a restaurant in New York would be like. Contemporary, yet historic. The stained glass, the massive brick wall behind the dark bar, the gray walls with the black tin ceiling. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. This is the perfect place to have dinner if you are catching a show at the Stephanie H Weill Center across the street.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

You can sample the small bites or hand held menu, or splurge on the out of this world entrees. 

Have the Truffle Fries, they are incredible!

821 North 8th Street Phone: 920-457-6565 $$

Majerle’s Black River Grille

You didn’t think I could write a list of best restaurants in Sheboygan and not include a supper club did you?

Of course not, this is Wisconsin after all.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

In Sheboygan it’s Majerle’s that fits in the supper club category. A tenderloin grilled to perfection (the only time I will eat a steak out is in a supper club), seafood, great Old Fashioned drinks in a woodsy setting. Seems like the classic Wisconsin Supper Club experience. If you’re in Sheboygan on a Friday, have their Fish Fry. 

Hopefully, you’ll get to sit by the window for a glimpse of the deer.

5033 Evergreen Drive Phone: 920-803-5515 $$

Harry’s Prohibition Bistro

Flashback to the roaring 20s. Gangsters and the speakeasy, flappers and jazz. That’s the atmosphere you’ll immerse yourself in when you visit Harry’s Prohibition Bistro. Enjoy a glass of wine and dine on the other VPN certified pizza place in Sheboygan. Chef and owner Adrian Latifi is one of only two chefs in Wisconsin that are certified in Roman Al Taglio Pizza, the other being his uncle, Avni Latifi,
Photo byVisit Sheboygan

If you’re asking if this Harry is related to the other Harry of Harry’s Diner, you would be on to something. Both Harry’s are named after Adrian’s father Harry Latifi who along with his brother Avni, started all the restaurants.  Adrian and his wife Jusra took over ownership of Harry’s Prohibition Bistro from his father in 2021 and is also the chef. 

Along with pizza, we know them for the pasta dishes and mussels. Of course, being a pizza lover, I will take pizza (try the Marsala Beef) all day, every day! If you are there to enjoy great wine and conversation, there is a wine snacking menu available too. They do not take reservations.

668 South Pier Drive Phone: 920-451-9100 $$

Bo Mallies

Bo Mallies in Sheboygan may not be the easiest restaurant to find, it’s slightly hidden off Calumet Drive, but that is actually part of the charm of this place. There’s a home feel which is a great backdrop for the imaginative dishes served here. 

Bo Mallies started out as a food truck in 2012 and branched out into a permanent location in 2017. The food truck and catering business still operates, but a table at the restaurant is a “must experience.”
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

You’ll find Korean inspired tacos, Truffle Mac and Cheese, pizza, and more. It’s an eclectic mix of food designed to suite every palette. They also have a fabulous Sunday Brunch. The best place to check their menu is on the Facebook page

2427 Calumet Drive Phone: 920-395-2868 $$

Pops Burger and Pizza House

One of the newest kids in town on the food scene is Pops Burgers and Pizza House. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill burger joint. Its burgers are beefy and imaginative. If you’re not into burgers, there’s so much more. Pizza, wings, flatbreads, and ribs are also on the menu. Order at the end of the bar, take your number and find a table. I love sitting by the window.
Photo byLori Loves Adventure

I can recommend the Mac and Cheese, a 10 ounce burger topped with pulled pork and mac and cheese, as well as the Mushroom and Swiss. Pair your burger with fries, some of the best I’ve had, and you’ll walk away happy. 

920 Michigan Avenue Phone: 920-453-0031 $$

Sheboygan has an impressive variety of restaurants to choose from that offer a wide range of cuisines. From family-style diners to a high-end gastropub, there is something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you’re looking for something casual or formal, Sheboygan has many options to satisfy your cravings. With the help of this article, you are now ready to pick the perfect restaurant for your next dinner out in Sheboygan!

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