Disney and DeSantis Engage in Bitter Feud: What's Next?

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The ongoing feud between Walt Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reached a new level of animosity as both sides dig in their heels. Initially sparked by Disney's opposition to DeSantis' "don't say gay" legislation, which limits discussions on LGBTQ+ topics in schools, the dispute has now escalated into a series of legal battles with each party filing lawsuits and seeking disqualification of judges. The clash between the entertainment giant and the right-wing governor highlights the broader conflict between freedom of speech, corporate activism, and political interests.

Disney Responds to DeSantis' Motion: In response to DeSantis' motion to disqualify Chief Judge Mark E. Waller, Disney has staunchly opposed the governor's allegations. DeSantis claimed that the judge might lack impartiality due to public comments regarding the ongoing developments between Disney, the state of Florida, and Disney's former Reedy Creek Improvement District. However, Disney argues that the judge's comments do not meet the standard for disqualification, as judges are permitted to refer to widely-reported news events during oral arguments. The company asserts that disqualifying the judge would establish a dangerous precedent, allowing parties to cherry-pick judges based on their preferences.

DeSantis Seeks Favorable Judge: Governor DeSantis's pursuit of disqualification stems from his desire to secure a judge who aligns with his cause. However, Disney counters that the crucial criterion should be whether the judge can provide a fair hearing to both sides, rather than their political affiliation or the appointing party. Disney emphasizes the judge's record of fairness and objectivity, arguing that removing him would set a dangerous precedent, enabling parties to veto judges based on their decisions.

Implications of the Legal Battle: Beyond the immediate clash between Disney and DeSantis, the outcome of this dispute carries broader significance. The cancellation of Disney's $1 billion headquarters project near Disney World has further strained the relationship between the two entities. Governor DeSantis alleges that the company had no genuine intentions to build the project, suggesting a lack of transparency on Disney's part. The ongoing legal proceedings between the entertainment giant and the governor serve as a microcosm of the broader conflict between freedom of speech, corporate activism, and political interests.

Future Precedents and Consequences: The resolution of this battle will not only impact the relationship between Disney and DeSantis but could also set a precedent for similar cases where parties attempt to influence judge selection based on personal preferences. As the legal proceedings continue, the clash between these influential entities shows no signs of abating. The dispute raises questions about the boundaries of free speech, the role of corporations in political discourse, and the potential consequences of such conflicts.


The intensifying battle between Walt Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis reflects the clash between freedom of speech, corporate activism, and political interests. With each side firmly entrenched in their positions, the legal proceedings have become a high-stakes struggle with significant implications. As the feud unfolds, the outcome will not only determine the relationship between these influential entities but also establish precedents for future cases. The clash between Disney and DeSantis serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between corporations and politics in today's society, leaving observers eager to see how this contentious battle will ultimately be resolved.

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