Cloudy Weather Forecasted for Texas; Temperatures Expected to Rise Next Week

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We should witness a gradual improvement in the attitude of the weather once again, with temperatures dropping from very gloomy overnight and this morning to moderately dreary later this afternoon.

Cloud bases should begin to increase, and drizzle should gradually diminish.

Temperatures, which have been locked in the high 50s and 60s overnight, are expected to rise to approximately 80 degrees for the vast bulk of the region today.

Rain chances seem to be decreasing somewhat, with most of the rain concentrating offshore. However, this is likely to be accompanied by a little less optimism than the other portions of the forecast.

Even if the temperatures are still trapped in the autumn, the weather is beginning to take on the feel of a bleak, pre-Winter front atmosphere.

Temperatures are forecast to be so high for the next day or two that it's possible that not only will daily records be endangered, but that several monthly high-temperature records may also be threatened.

In reality, by the time the climatological date for the first night of freezing temperatures in Houston arrives, we will be miles away from that point. If you're interested, there's a lot more information to be found in the Climate area of the website.

We'll be looking forward to the arrival of a cold front late Friday night into early Saturday morning, which will relieve the heat for a while.

There will be a narrow band of showers and thunderstorms along with the show. A strong to severe storm somewhere in there isn't entirely out of the question, but for the time being, the worst is expected to lie to our east. What will follow after that will be a period of noticeably colder temperatures closer to seasonal norms.

Prepare for temperatures to rise again throughout the following week.

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