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Best 2021 Day Trips in and around Glendale

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Travelers are filled with choices regarding places to visit in the United States with so many different states, cities, and natural attractions. Likewise, if you’re planning on traveling to California in the future, you will indeed be attracted to the glitz, glamour, and electrifying energy of the area.

Want to experience everything Glendale has to offer while still residing in peaceful surroundings? Well, you’re in luck! We offer several great places that will fulfill your needs. Glendale, the largest city in Los Angeles County, is located southeast of the San Fernando Valley, between the San Gabriel Valley and the San Fernando Valley. More Armenians live in this neighborhood than any other in the United States, where it conducts one of the most diverse communities within Los Angeles.

The best part about Glendale is that weather conditions usually mirror that of the Mediterranean. Therefore, you are likely to find sunshine and blue skies throughout the year. Hence, it would make sense to find out the best things to do during your stay there.

Check out a play at Glendale Centre Theatre.

It offers excellent theatrical productions, including musicals and comedies, which are enjoyed by a broad spectrum of audiences, from the young right up to the elderly. Admission is free, and it provides visitors with the best seats in the house.

Explore the Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Many hiking trails wind around the rolling hills within the Deukmejian Wilderness Park, which the Angeles National Forest primarily surrounds. The track is ideal for hiking and will afford hikers the chance to admire the impressive views of Los Angeles and nearby mountains.

Visit the Forest Lawn Memorial Park to find the resting place of the stars.

Forest Lawn has been the site of many famous Hollywood celebrity funerals. Several celebrities laid to rest on these grounds, and it is the reason that it is such a favored destination for movie lovers worldwide. You can find some spectacular sights at the memorial’s surroundings and along its grounds, especially if it’s a sunny day. It’s an excellent spot to visit and a terrific place to reflect on all the past entertaining individuals.

Visit the Parish Church of St. Mark and marvel at its architecture and its majesty.

The Parish Church of St. Mark may be at the center of Glendale’s laid-back atmosphere, but it isn’t more peaceful than anything you’ll find in the valley. These stunning stained glass, architecture, and interiors make this church one of the unique places in the world. You may have witnessed it in your favorite movies and commercials.

Visit Mignon Chocolate and enjoy its sweet delicacies

A visit to Mignon Chocolate is a must for anyone who wants some of the best pastries, chocolates, and cakes in LA. You will drool in this beautifully decorated candy shop, with all the mouthwatering treats and the friendly staff.

Find some creative inspiration at the Museum of Neon Art

In Glendale, there’s a museum dedicated to neon art, which is almost impossible to find. This museum displays the neon heritage of Los Angeles through a beautiful collection of vintage, iconic neon signs. Many neon signs are available for sale, making excellent gifts and collector’s items for your loved ones who appreciate art.

Get your fix at Pacific 18 Theatres Glendale.

Seeing the latest blockbuster movie in a movie theater wouldn’t make sense when you’re in Tinseltown. There is a reason Glendale, one of the hottest markets in the country, has some of the best multi-screen venues around – the Pacific Theatres Glendale 18. In the theater, visitors can take photos of themselves in scenes from the latest films at a selfie booth. 

The perfect place to relax is Glendale, which is located not far from big-city life but is still only a few minutes away from it. Glendale’s visit allows visitors to explore one of the prettiest and most prestigious cities of the entire world, which has something for everyone.

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