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The Grandview Restaurant - A Thorough Review

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The Grandview restaurant sits on the beautiful Mountain Hamilton, overlooking the exquisite Santa Clara Valley. It is really a classic restaurant in and out, serving Italian-themed steak and pasta, with a view that feeds your soul.

About The Grandview Restaurant’s menu and ingredients:

The Grandview Restaurant owns its own 60-acre farm, which is situated right across the street from the restaurant! They create special, seasonal menu items - all year round, which gives this place more of a fancy feel. As the ingredients are from its own farm, that also means that the products are super fresh and of great quality.

How are The Grandview Restaurant’s food items and what should you try?

The Grandview Restaurant offers you appetizers, Insalata or Italian-styled salad, entrees, and dessert. The fritto misto, grilled octopus, and truffle arancini are three great choices from its appetizers selection. The grilled octopus comes with roasted marble potatoes, cannellini beans - and it tastes delicious. Fritto misto is actually Italian which means “mixed fried” which generally includes meats, vegetables, or seafood bits. The fritto misto contains calamari, and even if you are not a big fan of fried food, you will love it. It has a delicious seasoning and the proportion is great. The one part of the menu that is sure to not let you down is their salads. The Wedge Salad is scrumptious, and the dressing tastes amazing. You can also try the Grandview Farmers Salad - this will leave you full and your tastebuds pleased. Their use of fresh ingredients really comes through in the salads, you can tell it is top-notch quality. From The Grandview Restaurant’s entrees, the fillet mignon and the gv prime rib are two mouth-watering entrees that you cannot possibly go wrong with. The fillet mignon is very juicy and packed with the right flavors that just melts once it goes into your mouth. The gv prime rib is delicious, it is cooked perfectly and comes in a good proportion. The Grandview Restaurant has a variety of desserts, from which their tiramisu and cheesecake are two hits. The tiramisu is sure to end your night the right way with its soft whipped mascarpone cheese and dipped ladyfingers in espresso. The tiramisu is adored by all customers and is one of their best desserts. The cheesecake from this place is quite famous and very palatable, it comes with a berry puree and mini chocolate chips.

About The Grandview Restaurant’s drinks

The Grandview Restaurant has a good selection of drinks. Out of the great options, I would suggest you get Mango Cosmo, Grand Mule, or Limoncello Drop. The mango cosmo is a very refreshing, pretty, and flavorful drink. The grand mule tastes amazing, with the right balance of ingredients and bonus - it comes in a nice glass. The limoncello drop looks a little similar to the mango cosmo but it has its own unique taste and the right kick of everything. The cocktails are fantastic and they also have a great extensive wine menu to pick from.

As it is situated on a mountain, the road can be tricky so come prepared for that but other than that, the gorgeous views, friendly service, and great food is worth it. When you come to The Grandview Restaurant, you are not only paying for the great food but the beautiful location and the views you get with it as well. The ambiance is warm, romantic, and pleasant - you will love every bit of it. You can get a breath of fresh air and take home the memory of an experience with beautiful views of the sunset and a great meal.

Opening times: Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Friday and Saturday - 5:00 PM to 10:00 pm.

Location: 15005 Mount Hamilton Rd San Jose, CA 95140, USA.

Phone: (408) 251-8909


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