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Chiropractor In Conway, AR| How to Take Care of Your Back

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Back pain can result from various causes, but most of them are related to being overweight or inactive. If you want to keep your back in good condition, follow these Conway, AR Chiropractor tips to stay healthy and pain-free.

Hanging out with friends can be a great way to relax or even engage in physical activity in Conway. Just make sure that if you are going to take part in activities that are considered high risk, you are healthy enough for them.

How A Chiropractor Takes Care of Your Back

Chiropractor Conway can help people with moderate to severe back problems. It can be as simple as back pain or scoliosis, which will require back braces.

Spinal adjustments are another common chiropractic treatment for most types of back pain.

Chiropractors can help ease the pain and discomfort with adjustments, which are done by manipulating the spine to remove pressure on the vertebrae.

They also recommend certain stretches that will aid in strengthening your problem areas.

Interestingly, obesity is one of the major causes of back pain. A chiropractor will work closely with you to control your weight and show you how to eat healthy.

Exercise is important because it strengthens muscles, which helps reduce the strain on the back. Chiropractors can help with that, too.

Tips from Your Chiropractor: What You Can Do To Prevent Back Problems

High-risk activities include things like skydiving. However, even low-risk physical activity can cause problems if you have not exercised or regularly engaged in other physical activities. If you want to keep your spine strong and pain free, be sure to work out regularly.

If you want to build muscle, Chiropractor Conway advises that you choose activities that utilize your back. Exercises like pull-ups can be great for building up both your back and bicep muscles. Just make sure not to push yourself too much if you are new to physical fitness, because doing so may result in injury.

Stretching exercises before and after any activity can help reduce your risk of injury and pain. You should also be aware that some injuries may result in scar tissue, which will need to be addressed with stretching.

If you notice that an exercise is easy for you, stretch further than usual to ensure good posture and strong muscles. If it hurts, stop doing it.

To stretch properly, Chiropractor Conway suggests holding the stretch for at least 30 seconds. You should get to the point where you feel slight discomfort, but it should not be anything too intense.

One of the most important things that chiropractors do is help people learn proper posture. When you are aware of how you are standing, it can help reduce back problems.

Be sure to stand up straight, but without curving your spine. Your ears should line up with your shoulders, which should be at the same height as your hips.

The Benefits of Having Your Back Pain Treated by a Chiropractor

Conway Chiropractic helps people to correct misalignments in the spine that cause pain and other problems. Chiropractors specialize in this type of treatment, including taking pressure off nerves where they exit or enter the spine.

Chiropractic clinic Conway may use these methods to get your back into proper alignment:

Manipulation (the chiropractor uses hand tools to move your back into proper position).

Soft tissue techniques (chiropractors use things like heat packs to relax muscles if needed, but also gentle massage can help ease the pain).

You will likely notice an improvement in the way you feel after just one or two visits. You should continue with Chiropractors Conway regularly even after your pain disappears.

Why See a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

Here at Conway Chiropractic Clinic, we offer several services to help you rehabilitate your back and get relief from any type of pain that you may be experiencing.

If you are suffering from headaches, neck aches, lower back pain or sciatica , Chiropractor near me can help.

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